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Day: November 9, 2017

Do you recognize Jimmy Robinson?

Missing Person Iowa 2018 Update – Jimmy Robinson decided to go back on the road again, according to “Where in tar nation is Jimmy Robinson” Facebook page.  Occasionally people spot him on his route and post photos of him on the road.  You can also read more about Jimmy and what he is up to […]

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Do you recognize this Homeless American man stranded in Mexico?

Homeless man does not know who he is; stranded in Mexico UPDATE:  Shawn Hale was located. Update:  Is the man in Mexico, Shawn Hale?  A family that has been looking for him are pursuing the idea that the man in Mexico is Shawn Hale, who went missing in 1994. This is the post Looking4Shawn made concerning […]

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Two sets of remains found in Flint, Michigan park; neighbors said many missing from the area

A man walking his dog in the park reportedly found two human skulls at Broome Park in Flint, Michigan.  One skull was found in a parking lot and the other in a field near the baseball diamond.  Authorities using K-9’s were able to find more remains.  Sources stated they are the remains of two prostitutes […]

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