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Amber Alert for 3-year-old missing from North Carolina Mariah Woods FOUND

Missing Person North Carolina Mariah Woods

1/25/18 UPDATE – The New York Post has reported that Earl Kimrey, 32, was charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse in the death of Mariah Woods, reports the New York Post.  The North Carolina police said that Mariah died of chloroform poisoning.  You can create chloroform by missing acetate (fingernail polish) with bleach.  There has been speculations that Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee with chloroform.


UPDATE 12/5/17 –  More information has come out in regards to the home life that Mariah endured while living with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.  In a court document written by Alex Woods, Mariah’s father he stated several acts of abuse, including Earl hitting the boys with a belt and sexual abuse.  One of the brothers said his mom know of the sexual abuse and she wasn’t doing anything to protect them.  We already know that CPS removed the children from the home and they lived with their father for a month.  We do not know yet why they were returned to the mother if this abuse was going on.  I am hoping more information will come out to help explain.

Located Mariah Wood’s body

12/18/17 – Authorities have announce they have located Mariah’s body.  She was found by a dive team in a North Carolina creek in a Pender County creek about 25 miles from Mariah Woods’ home in Jacksonville.  Kimrey removed the girl’s body from the place where she died according to the arrest warrants. The warrant states that he obstructed justice by “removing Mariah Woods body from the scene of her death and did conceal Mariah Woods death and body, knowing that Mariah Woods died from unnatural causes. The defendant acted with deceit and intent to fraud.” The warrant also says that Kimrey “secretly disposed of the dead child’s body.”

This photo provided by Onslow County Sheriff’s Office shows Earl Kimrey. Authorities have arrested Kimrey in connection with the disappearance of a 3-year-old North Carolina girl. The Onslow County Sheriff's Office says Kimrey is being held on more than $1 million bond in the Onslow County Detention Center on charges that include concealing a death and obstruction of justice. A statement issued by the Sheriff's Office says the child, Mariah Woods, is believed to be dead. She has been missing from her home since Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. Authorities are searching for her body. (Onslow County Sheriff’s Office via AP)
 Earl Kimrey (Onslow County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Earl Kimrey


UPDATE 12/2/17 – Earl Kimry, 32, the boyfriend has been arrested.  Maria is still missing.   Earl was charged with:
Concealing of Death,
Obstruction of Justice,
2nd Degree Burglary,
Felony Larceny,
And Possession of Stolen Property

Kimrey is currently being held in the Onslow County Detention Center under a $1,010,000 bond. District Attorney Ernie Lee has been consulted on the current charges and additional charges could be pending as the investigation continues.

UPDATE:  12/1/17 –  Today, so many turned up to help search for Mariah that people had to be turned away.  The FBI estimates that 600 people turned out to join the search.

Jetta Long

Jetta Long, 23, from  Newport woman came forward to say it was her in the pictures.  The little girl in the photo below is not Mariah.  Late last night the authorities released three photos and are asking for the publics help to identify the woman in the photos.  The little girl fits the description of Mariah Woods.  The photos were taken at a Walmart in Morehead City on Monday around 9:30 a.m. Morehead City is about 40 miles east of Mariah’s home in Jacksonville.  If you have any information please contact the FBI, or the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office.

News Conference

3:30 press conference on November 28:  Breakdown of the news conference below:
Sheriff Hans Miller and FBI Stanley Meter briefing on search for Mariah Woods

As a policy do not reveal investigative details.
Information will come out in the long-run but not at this time.
Marine Corps has deployed helicopters, along with other agencies.
Body of water near by, but did not state whether it was searched yet or not.
Asking the public to keep their eyes out for children’s clothing or anything at all.
Media asked: Did a car drive away from the home around midnight? Answer: We will explore every investigative lead.
Cooperation has been paramount and authorities have received continuous report. “We continue to receive telephone calls from agencies offering their assistance.”
Priority number one is to find Mariah and asking for the public’s help in the local community that has had any contact with the family from Sunday on, to please contact them.
Recommend that public checks their areas, talk with neighbors to see if anyone saw anything.
Media asked about abduction. Answer: Our purpose right now is to find her and bring her back and find out what happened…In that effort we will not rule out anything that may have possibly occurred.
Sheriff states the search has been continuous ever since it started.
The public should know that the agencies are working together to bring Mariah home.
“Once again, the priority is anyone that has been in contact with the family since Sunday, that is information we would like to know.” stated the FBI.
More updates as time comes, maybe later tonight.

Biological father Alex Woods

UPDATE 11/28/17 – Mariah’s bio father, Alex Woods has spoken with WCTI.  He told them that he has not seen Mariah in about a year.  At that time he had her along with her brothers, that are also his bio children for about a month while child protective services were investigating after an incident that occurred that he did not elaborate on.

Alex Woods appears to have broken up with Kristy according to a Facebook post from August 7, 2015, “Well, I’m single again.  Wife left me so my life is miserable.”  Later on in the month he also posted, “My wife went to live with another man bout two weeks ago now she wants to bring her new man to our son’s party I don’t want him to come what do I do?”

Original Post

Mariah Kay Woods, 3, from North Carolina is missing.  She was last seen at 11 p.m. on Sunday, November 26, 2017.  Her mother and the mother’s boyfriend reported her missing around 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

The Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller are searching the area of 2405-7 Dawson Cabin Road in Jacksonville where the little girl lived at the Inez Mobile Home Park.  Law enforcement officials are using K9’s, drones and doing ground searches.  Sheriff Miller is stating it is too early to say what happened yet.

When Mariah was first missing there was media reports that she was abducted by a man and a woman, but that story seems to not be the case.  She was last seen in her bed and found missing the following morning.  Kristy Hunter, Mariah’s mother posted on her Facebook page, “Guys, please look for my baby and pray she is safe.”

Melissa Hunter, Mariah’s grandmother told WCTI that Mariah normally wears orthopedic braces on both feet and when she is without them she doesn’t walk straight.

WITN is reporting that Kristy stated that Earl Kimry, her boyfriend, saw Mariah at midnight because she had gotten out of bed.  He told her to go back to bed.  There is new information that the back door was unlocked, which is how it is normally per Kristy.  The biological father was questioned but he has been ruled out as having anything to do with Mariah’s disappearance.

Kristy and Earl

“This is my world, this is my angel,” said Woods. “She was sent to me for a reason. This is my everything besides my boys, the love that I have for this girl. The bond that I have my life. please, just don’t take that.”  Mariah has two older brothers.

This was released at noon central time:

Please call Onslow County Sheriff’s Department at (910)455-3113 if you see her.


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