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Ex Arkansas police officer disappears from Bentonville FOUND

October 2, 2018:  Almost 10 years after Cerilla Doyle’s disappearance, her remains have been found, in a Mason City, Iowa neighborhood.  NFI at this time, but will update when there is.


Cerilla Ann Bolton Doyle an ex police officer disappeared from Bentonville, Arkansas on October 27, 2008.

In February 2008, Cerilla’s husband passed away and her family stated she was adjusting well to her loss.

“She had been a Police Officer for most of her life. She enjoyed working with children and was Officer Friendly for the Benton County Sheriffs Office at one time. She was totally “By the Book” when it came to her career as a Police Officer,” said her sister-in-law, Lori Bolton.  Cerilla had worked herself up to Second in Command at the Pea Ridge, Arkansas Police Dept.

Then a few months later, Cerilla met a man who gave her a lot of attention.  The man was known as the town drunk and shockingly Cerilla was given the ultimatum to “leave the boyfriend or resign your job,” states Bolton.  Cerilla chose to resign her job.

According to Jennifer Bland, “Cerilla had been dating a man with a shady past, a man who had been in Arkansas prison back in 1971 time era for an assault with an intent to kill.  He charmed Cerilla with his money, dinners, and a new house she picked out for them. Shockingly Cerilla was given the ultimatum to “leave the boyfriend or resign your job,” states Bolton.  Cerilla chose to resign her job.  Also, Cerilla had been investigating a missing teen from the local area April Dawn Andrews (missing since 2006). She told an US Postal Worker that the area cops she worked with were corrupt, and she was on her way to file a complaint against them and told the postal worker that if she went missing to look for her body in Bear Hollow (a road near the Arkansas and Missouri county line-border).”

Cerilla Doyle
Cerilla Doyle

But the sacrifice seemed to be for naught because it wasn’t long before Cerilla began to see her boyfriend as controlling and abusive and decided to leave him.

“As he was driving her home to Bentonville from his house in Ozark, he stopped at the Bentonville Police Dept., went inside and told the Officers that he had an ex police officer in his car that had a gun and was suicidal,” said Lori. “The officers ran outside, saw Cerilla walking away and told her to stop and put her hands in the air! Cerilla complied and told the Officers that all she wanted was to go home.”

Cerilla was detained and was picked up by her daughter and they returned to their Bentonville home. The following day her daughter returned home from her job in the evening and found her mother’s identification, cell phone, vehicle and all other personal property there, but her mother gone.  A police investigation showed that Cerilla may have taken a bus to Tulsa, OK, via her computer usage.  It was found out later that she never got on that bus.

Cerilla Doyle
Cerilla Doyle


Cerilla was 51 when she went missing.  She may go by the name Cerilla Ann Bolton or Cerilla Ann Clayton.  She has brown curly hair and blue eyes.  She was wearing blue jean, navy blue zippered hoodie, black purse and wears glasses.  She has a hysterectomy scar, sunk in spot above her right knee, a scar on her left ring finger and a scar beside her left eye.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Cerilla, please call the Bentonville Police Department (Arkansas) at 479-271-3178.

April Andrews was last seen Nov. 18 2006, getting into a white pick up truck outside of her parents Pea Ridge apartment. Cerilla was the responding officer to that missing call.  The authorities no longer believe these two cases are connected.

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