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Kimberlee Graves missing from Colorado; home found ransacked Found

Kimberlee Graves missing from Colorado

UPDATE 1/11/18 – The body of Kimberlee Graves has been located.  The Larimer County Coroner’s Office stated she was found in Lory State Park by a park ranger.  The authorities have determined that her death is a homicide.

Kimberlee Graves, 41, is missing from Colorado. She was last seen at her home in Fort Collins on December 4, 2017.  When the police stopped for a welfare check on December 8, they found her car was gone and no one answered the door.  On December 10, a friend went to the apartment and found it ransacked and Kimberlee missing.  Her red Toyota Rav 4 was found on December 13, in a parking garage on College Avenue and Mulberry Street.

Kimberlee Graves
Kimberlee Graves

Kimberlee’s sister, Samantha was asked why the community is just now hearing about Kimberlee missing and she posted, “BC the police wouldn’t let us talk about it!”

Whether Kimberlee left her car in the parking garage or someone else did, is unknown.  Neighbors told KDRV that Kimberlee would let people come and go from her house and borrow her car. So, there is a possibility that someone else drove it there according to the neighbors.

Kimberlee Graves

Neighbors told KDRV they thought Kimberlee was too trusting.  They also noted that someone had scratched and keyed her car.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 970-416-2825.

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