Wayne Mowery missing from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania since November 2017

Wayne Mowery
Wayne Mowery

Missing Person Bloomsburg Wayne Mowery

Wayne Mowery, 78, has been missing since October 30, 2017 from Bloomsburg.  He vehicle was found just after midnight at the Boat Launch Danville PA.  On that same day, he was at the Columbia Mall where he walks several days a week. Then he went to pick up a pair of glasses shortly before noon.  On Tuesday he was to meet with his nephew for breakfast but he didn’t show up.

His daughter, Christina posted, “It is now 7 weeks and there is absolutely nothing new to report. My recent post changing my profile picture has got people talking and asking for more information so I’m updating this original post again.  Please read and comment if you like send prayers if you choose to share please change your privacy to public so more people will see it. Thank you all for continuing to share my updates posts Have a Happy Holiday.”

Wayne Mowery
Wayne Mowery


Christina stated that on December 2, that “State Constable-Mahoning Township PA along with a group of amazing people who volunteered their time to search the boat launch area where my dads car was found turned up no new information.”

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Wayne is 6 feet talk and 217 lbs.

If you or someone you know saw him after 2pm Monday October 30th or before Nov. 3, please call the Bloomsburg PD @ 570-784-6300 or call 911
and report what you know.

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