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Breezy Otteson and Riley Powell missing from Utah; Jeep found hidden in trees FOUND

Breezy Otteson

Missing Person Utah Breezy Otteson Riley Powell

April 1, 2018 – Jerrod Baum, 41 was arrested and charged in kidnapping and murder of Breezy Otteson and Riley Powell.  Morgan Henderson, 34, the girlfriend of Jerrod has been charged for obstructing justice because she had changed her story. Her latest story is that she saw Baum kill the teenagers, according to the probable cause statement.

“[Baum] told [Henderson] he had previously instructed her not to have guy friends and that it was too bad because he has never killed an innocent before,” the probable cause statement said. “[Henderson] said that later [Baum] told her that he took care of Riley and Brelynne,” reports WREG news.

“A search warrant was obtained, and the barrel was searched. Inside the barrel detectives located a stocking that contained multiple phones that had been destroyed, several lengths of rope, used duct tape, pieces of a Marlboro cigarette carton, pieces of two knife sheaths, roofing nails, baby wipes, plastic sacks,” the probable cause statement said.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Juab County Sheriff’s Office and Unified Fire Authority recovered two bodies from an abandoned mine shaft near Eureka. They were later positively identified as Breezy Otteson and Riley Powell.

Feb 6. 2018 –  According to a search warrant released, the police searched the home and property of Mistie Carlson, the mother of Riley Powell and Lee Shepherd on January 16th. The house is located off of Highway 36 near Lofgreen.  Investigators believe they found evidence used in a homicide.

The warrant also contains new revelations about the investigation into the disappearance of Powell and his girlfriend, Breezy Otteson.

The evidence found was used to commit homicide, the desecration of a body and obstruction of justice.”

You can read the full search warrant here.

Original Story

Breezy Otteson, 17, and Riley Powell, 18, are missing from Eureka, Utah.

Breezy Otteson
Breezy Otteson

Brelynne “Breezy” Otteson and Riley Powell were visiting family in Tooele when they were last seen on December 30, 2017.  The couple had planned to stop in Spanish Fork before going home to Eureka, where the teens live with Powell’s grandmother. They did not return home and the family notified the police on Jan. 2, 2018.

A search team actively went looking for them.  Their Jeep was found with two flat tires near the cherry Creek Reservoir in Juab County.  What was unusual is that it appeared the Jeep had been hidden in the trees.  Breezy and Riley’s belongings were found inside the Jeep.

Breezy Otteson
Breezy Otteson

Sanpete County Sheriff Brian Nielson said he has two detectives working 16-hour days on the investigation, trying to move it forward in cooperation with Juab law enforcement.

“Two of our detectives are heavily involved in the case and have helped make significant progress,” Nielson told the Sanpete Messenger. The authorities are stating they believe the Jeep was “dumped” there, according to the Sanpete Messenger.

A $5,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the teens.

Facebook page Searching for Breezy and Riley

Anyone with information on the missing teens’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Juab County Sheriff’s Office at 435-623-1344 or the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office at 435-882-5600.

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