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Do you know the family of missing Pamela Huebner

Pamela Huebner

Missing Person Texas Pamela Huebner

Pamela Huebner was last seen on June 9, 1971 in Houston, Texas.  She was around 22 years old.  Over the years Pamela’s story has gone cold, but Janet Franson, who is now retired from the  Williamson County Sheriff Office wants to bring Pamela’s story to everyone’s attention.  She is working on several cold cases from the Texas area, including Pamela’s and she believes  finding Pamela’s family is the key to solving the case.  She knows if she can find Pamela relatives, and they will submit their DNA, that it will bring her that much closer to solving Pamela’s case.

Although, finding Pamela alive would be wonderful, she likely is not.  Suspect, Harry Andrew Lanham confessed to killing her years ago. Latham died in 1972 when he grabbed a guards gun and he was shot dead.  Leaving no more possibilities of Lanham saying what happened to Pamela.

Possible Jane Doe

There is also the possibility that Pamela’s remains could have been found.  But, Franson doesn’t know because without Pamela’s DNA she can’t be matched to any remains, and she will remain a Jane Doe.

“Pamela has no middle name, no maiden name, no date of birth,” said Franson.  “She was listed as a “housewife,” so it is unknown if there are any children.”  Without knowing her family, Franson can’t ask the family for Pamela’s DNA to verify whether she is a Jane Doe or not.  The only other little bit of information know about Pamela is that her husband’s name was Larry, but no last name.  Larry just might be the one person that could lead Franson to Pamela’s relatives, if he can be located.

If you like to help locate Pamela’s family, please remember that Franson does not need anyone to send her possible matches.  There is no way that she can confirm those matches because there is no DNA.  What is helpful is if you can help share this story in hopes that it makes it to Pamela’s family so they will contact her.

Pamela Huebner
Pamela Huebner

“Somewhere, someone is wondering whatever happened to Pamela,” says Franson.

Franson is hoping that reaching out to social media that someone will recognize the Huebner’s family name or remember some details about knowing Pamela or her husband from the past.  All important information that could help find who Pamela Huebner’s family is. If you know of any Huebner’s, please forward this to them to see if they know of a Pamela in their family.

If you have any information as to who Pamela’s family might be, please contact cold case investigator Janet Franson at


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