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Gary Metcalf missing, sister finds someone else living in his apartment

Gary Metcalf

Missing Person Massachusetts Gary Metcalf

Gary Metcalf, 61, has been missing from Massachusetts since the end of January.  Gary was last seen by his sister and her husband at the end of January when he was visiting.  His sister, Liz McConnell told Boston 25 they took him home and dropped him off at his apartment on Elm Street in Worcester.

Since then Gary has not gotten in contact with anyone.  His sister went to his apartment to check on him and was surprised to find someone else answering the door and saying that Gary no longer lived there.  Later, Liz found out that the apartment manager rented out the apartment when Gary went missing and moved all his belonging to the basement.

Liz also checked with Gary’s job and they said he stopped coming to work as a night security guard at Royal Worcester Apartments on Grand Street, and in fact a paycheck was waiting for him.  Gary’s employer said he never called in sick and was dependable.

Gary metcalf
Gary Metcalf

Worcester police told Boston 25 News “there is nothing at this point that would indicate any foul play in relation to Mr. Metcalf’s disappearance. What makes this case usual is that he – to the best of the detective’s knowledge – has no history of mental illness, no pre-existing medical condition and no substance abuse problems.”

Metcalf has light gray hair, blue eyes and wears glasses, McConnell said. He may have been wearing black pants, a black or red hoodie under a plain black jacket and black hard-toe boots.

Contact the Worcester police at 508-799-8466 if you know Gary’s whereabouts.

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