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Children found home alone; mom, dad and boyfriend missing FOUND

Danielle Son

Missing Person Illinois Danielle Son and Sergio Quiroz

The police found Hand Son’s car on Thursday traveling on 10th Street and 12th Avenue.  They tried to pull him over, but he refused.  He struck an unmarked police car reports NBC Chicago news. He went of the side of the road and hit a mound of snow that caused the car to flip.  Police heard a gunshot come from Hand’s car and found he had killed himself.  Police located Danielle and Sergio’s bodies at Blackhawk Park, located at 101 15th Ave.

Original Story

Danielle Son, 22, Hand Son, 26, and Sergio Quiroz, 25 all went missing from Rockford, Illinois. The family went to Danielle’s home on February 17, 2018 after they have not heard from her and found her 2-year-old and 11-month-old children alone in the house on 10th Avenue in Rockford.  There was no one else there.  Further investigating led police to the realization that Danielle’s boyfriend, Sergio Quiroz who lived with her was also missing.  Authorities also found that Danielle’s estranged husband, Hand Son, was also missing, along with his car.  Two dogs that also were living in the home are missing.

Danielle Son
Danielle Son (Facebook)


On Jan. 14, Danielle called the police to file a domestic violence report against Hand Son, saying he had pushed her and had taking keys out of her purse and grabbing her by her arms and wrists.

Also, according to the Register Star, a Rockford police report said the couple had been arguing since Jan. 13 and Hand Son told police he believed his wife was cheating on him and lying about it “so he told her he would take his car and leave the area.”

Han Son
Han Son

“Hand Son also accused his estranged wife of violence, telling police that when he said he was leaving, she “smacked him in the face,” but he was not injured, according to the paper.”

Danielle Son filed for divorce from her husband on Feb. 7, the Rockford Register Star reported.

Please keep and eye out for Danielle, Sergio and Hand or Hand Son’s vehicle which is a white 2007 Toyota Sion. Police say it has red wheels or rims. Its license plate number is 915407.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rockford Police Department non-emergency number 815-966-2900 or the Investigations Bureau 779-500-6551.


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