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Ashley Nicole Rabon missing from South Carolina FOUND

ashley nicole rabon

Missing Person South Carolina Ashley Nicole Rabon

April 11, 2018 – Savannah Stone has posted a message that she states if from her best friend Nicole Amethyst and is calling it an “official statement.”  In the photo below you see the name  Nicole Amesthyst which is the Facebook page of Ashley Nicole Rabon.

Police post Ashley Nicole Rabon has been found



April 9, 2018 – New information has come out regarding Ashley Nicole Rabon.  NBC news reported that Matt, Ashley’s husband stated that he found out that Ashley had an affair through a text he read on her phone, and they got into a fight on Thursday night.  Then a man named, Rodman Davis told Dateline on Monday that he was the man Ashley had been texting that Thursday night.  According to Rodman, he and Ashley had been romantically involved “for a minute.”

Matt stated he left with the kids to go dye Easter eggs at a friend’s house and he didn’t tell Ashley he was leaving.

Britni Martin, a friend of Ashley’s told Dateline that she spoke with Ashley around 6:18 p.m. that Thursday night.  She didn’t state what they talked about.

Then on April 5, a lengthy post was left on Ashley Rabon’s Facebook page along with 11 videos of her talking or more like arguing with a male. This is an example of two of those videos.

This is the message that was left on Ashley’s Facebook page:

If you know who left this message or video, please let me know.  You can remain anonymous/

Original story:

Ashley Nicole Rabon, 26, was last seen at her home in Lexington, South Carolina on March 30, 2018 around 7:45 p.m. She was seen getting into a car with an unknown person.  Her husband filed a missing person’s report the following day. The only thing she took with her was her phone and charger.

ashley radon
ashley rabon

Ashley has a tattoo on her side, nose piercing and various earrings. She was last seen wearing a black leggings, grey sweater and slippers. If you have seen or know Ashley’s whereabouts please contact the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office at the number listed below. Case # 18006498


The Find Ashley Rabon Facebook page posted:

Her family has been diligently working with the police and alone (handing out flyers and talking with people on the street) in efforts to FIND HER!  Her entire family is aware of the post made on her page and as much as we appreciate everyone’s concern and willingness to help we can NOT just sit on Facebook and reply to everyone’s comments, messages, questions, etc. PLEASE, the page “where is Ashley Rabon?” Was NOT made by family and is trash!!! It is in no way helpful to our family or Ashley’s case! If any of you care at all, we ask that you please stop interacting on this page and if you can’t refrain from that at least give our family the respect and space we need because no one is helping! April Drozdowski has asked for people to PLEASE STOP sending her friend request and messages. This is a mother that is dealing with a missing child!! We want Ashley home more than anything. That is our only concern right now and Facebook simply isn’t helping. We are grateful to all you that have been praying and sharing Ashley’s flyer we pray she comes home soon


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