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Anna Maciejewska missing from Pennsylvania since 2017

Missing Person Anna Maciejewska

UPDATE January 18, 2019 – The Pennsylvania State Police stated they had issued a search warrant for the townhome of Anna Maciejewska and her husband Allen, that they had been using for storage.  They have also named Allen a person of interest in the case, and have gone as far to say that he is not telling the truth to them.

The authorities left the property with “bags of evidence.”

“We’ve been working this case since day one,” Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Robert Kirby told the media. “We came up with some new information that led us to get a search warrant for this residence. We’re working very closely with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

Original Story:

Anna Maciejewska has been missing since Monday, April 10, 2017 from Malvern, PA. Anna’s husband reported her missing. Her car was discovered about two miles from her home. There is no clues as to Anna’s whereabouts.  Authorities talked to Anna’s husband early on in the investigation but he chose to not talk with the authorities.

anna maciejewska
Anna maciejewska

“He has an attorney and he is not cooperating with the investigation. All I can say is that Allan, if you are out there and you are watching this, we’d love for you to come forward and talk to us. We know you can help us with this investigation and we’d be willing to speak with you with your attorney,”  Corporal Robert Kirby with the Pennsylvania State Police said, reports ABC6 news.

Stella Lo posted on MPA, “She is originally from Poland and has a son that was “left behind”. There were texts sent from her phone the day she disappeared saying she was no longer coming into work. Someone messaged her parents in Poland and cancelled the trip she had planned to take with her son. They cancelled all her travel arrangements. “They” being her husband who is a PRIME suspect.”

There is a $30,000 reward for information on her whereabouts.

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