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Rhonda Smith goes missing from Atlanta shopping center in 1984

rhonda smith


Rhonda Smith from Goweta County has been missing from Atlanta, Georgia since February 27, 1984.  Her car was found on the Lenox Mall parking deck on Feb. 28,1984. She supposedly shopped at Wicks and Sticks for two hours, according to some accounts.  Her personal vehicle was in a body shop being repaired and she was driving a borrowed one.

Rhonda Smith
Rhonda Smith

Rhonda had two earrings in each ear and a small tattoo of a rose on her chest.  She had olive skin and black hair and brown eyes. She was 21-years-old when she went missing and would be 56 years-old at this writing.

Anyone with information about Rhonda Smith please contact Det. Golphin with Atlanta Police Homicide/Missing Persons Unit @ 404 546 5602.

Namus ID # MT 47-235

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