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Boyce Hoyle missing from Sacramento since 2017

boyce hoyle

Missing Person California Boyce Hoyle

Boyce Hoyle, AKA Butch or Butchy has been missing from Sacramento, California since May 13, 2017, where he was last seen.  Butch is from Lake Norman, NC and like to travel all over the country.

boyce hoyle
boyce hoyle

“Boyce has always been a drifter and likes to travel. He loves New Mexico as well as Colorado. He is Known to live homeless.
Boyce does suffer some mental health issues.”


It has been a year since Boyce has contacted his family, especially his father whom he always called.  The family is worried about Boyce’s well-being.  They are reaching out to social media in hopes that someone has spotted Boyce.  If you see him, please take a photo and let the police know his whereabouts.  If you speak with him, let him know his family is worried about him.

Boyce is 46 with brown hair and brown eyes.  he is 5’7″ tall and 215 pounds.  He has a small tattoo on his the left side of his chest.

If you have any info regarding this case you are urged to call the Sacramento, California police dept at 916-264-5471.


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