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Prosecutors rule Meighan Cordie’s death accidental; no crime committed

On August 19, 2018, Meighan Cordie, 27, was reported missing from Dayton, Oregon.  Meighan’s mother, Jennifer Weathers told the 911 dispatcher that Meaghan had gotten out of the car near Grand Island.  When Meighan didn’t come home, Jennifer called the police to report her missing. She said her daughter “was upset and got out of the car and I haven’t heard anything since.” On August 23, Meighan’s body was found down an embankment in Dayton, which is 9 miles from where Jennifer said Meighan had gotten out of the car.

But, during the investigation, investigators learned more about what happened the day as Jennifer’s story changed.

Jennifer expanded on her first story and said they were still arguing about who was going to drive to the wedding the night before.  When they had to leave early because of Meighan’s daughter, Jennifer drove a short distance before the argument became physical and Meighan exited the car. Jennifer got Meighan back into the car and into the back seat.  Farther down the road, Jennifer got out of the car again.  Jennifer looked around for her and was unable to find her because it was dark and there were no street lights, she told investigators, so she drove off.

Prosecutor’s question story

The Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry believes that Jennifer was traveling a lot faster than the 5 mph she stated they were going and Meighan didn’t simply get out of the car as stated.   He said “Cordie was sitting next to her daughter in the back seat of the SUV her mom was driving when she jumped or fell out of the vehicle. He said there’s no evidence Cordie was pushed out.”  Once Meighan exited the moving car, she hit her head on a guard rail and slid down an embankment, reports Fox news.  The autopsy report said she had suffered an aortic separation, likely after her back hit the guard rail, and also had head trauma. Meghan had “extensive injuries” that caused her to die instantly.


Meighan Cordie

Death Accidental

It seemed as though, additional charges for Jennifer than just DUI were near, but then the prosecutor did something unexpected on Friday, he ruled Meighan’s death as accidental, concluded the death was tragic, but wasn’t a crime.   It was determined that Meighan had not been forced or pushed out of the car’s backseat, where she sat with her 3-year-old daughter, Berry said.  But he did follow it up with a memo stating all the inconsistencies in Jennifer’s story and what the investigation team had learned about the day that Meighan died.


Berry stated that Jennifer took a muscle relaxer before she took the polygraph tests.  The results were inconclusive, so another one was ordered, but Jennifer did not show up for that one.

Plus, he pointed out that Jennifer did not say that Meighan and her were arguing.  It wasn’t until the detectives showed Jennifer a clump of her own hair that was found in the car, that she confessed they had an argument, and it got physical.

Also, Berry noted that Meighan could not have walked from the wedding to where he body was found as “her feet did not have injuries consistent with having walked over 9 miles without shoes on.”

Jennifer is scheduled to appear in Yamhill County Circuit Court on Wednesday to hear the DUI and reckless endangering charges against her.

Personally, it’s hard to understand how alcohol could have convinced Jennifer that her daughter had “walked away” from the car as she is driving down the road, and to make the decision to leave her to walk in the dark.

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