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New Jersey mystery woman identified; had been missing for 6 months

New Jersey woman found sitting on a park bench identified.

The woman whose photograph circulated Facebook after she was found sitting alone in a park and didn’t know who she was has resulted in her identity being found.  The post put up by the Norwood Police Dept. read:

Do you know this lady?

The Norwood, New Jersey police found this woman yesterday afternoon October 2, 2018 on Livingston Street. Unfortunately she does not know her name or who she is. This woman has been entered into all law enforcement data bases as well as missing persons. Please share this photo and maybe we can get her home. If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Norwood police dept at 201-768-0850.

The police said that the woman said she had gotten into a car accident in Washington state around a year ago, and had walked to New Jersey from the west coast. She referred to herself as a veteran who may have served in Bosnia, reports NBC Philadelphia.

Then, less that 24-hours later, the woman’s identity was found.  Posted on the Facebook page:

“At 4pm today, the Norwood Police received a call from our “JANE DOE’S” family and confirmed her identity!!! The Norwood Police want to thank all the concerned citizens that gave us leads and information to get this person back to her family. Thank you!!”

The woman’s name has not been released, but we do know that she has been missing for 6-months.  It was both her daughter’s that called the police.  The woman’s husband is living in Arizona.  Whether she was reported missing is unknown at this time.

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