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Remains found in basement may belong to father who disappeared in 1961

December 12, 2018 – The human remains found have been positively identified as belonging to George Carroll, states Michael Carroll, George’s son.

The Suffolk Police dept. stated in light of this development, they would have liked to talk with Richard Darress.  Darress married Michael’s mother.  Darress ws living in Mexico for years, but died in Laredo, Texas in June at the age of 77.

“He would have been someone we would have wanted to speak with,” Lt. Kevin Beyrer, commander of the Suffolk Police homicide squad, told Newsday.

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Human remains were found in the basement of a Lake Grove, New York home on Olive Street on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

George Carroll, the father of Michael Carroll, 57, went missing in 1961.  Over the years he and his siblings questioned their mother, Dorothy about what happened to their dad and they were never satisfied with her responses.  Michael told Newsday his mother told them “he went out and just never came back.”

Over the years, Michael began convinced that his father’s remains were buried in the house that he grew up in.  In fact, it became a family lore.

Recently, Michael hired a company with ground penetrating equipment to scan the ground below the basement of the home to see if they could locate his father’s remains, once and for all.  After the findings, the family began excavating an area in the basement.  With the help of his adult sons, Michael found what he always believed was there.

After finding the skeletal remains, Michael called the police.

Suffolk County police said that DNA tests will reveal if the remains are those of George Carroll.  But, Michael already feels it is his dad.

“I feel great that my dad is finally free from that crappy hole,” Michael said Thursday.

Michael bought the house from his mother who originally bought the house with George in 1955.  Dorothy passed away in 1998.

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