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Brother awaits news after skull found off Plum Grove Road

On Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, Jerry Kinner, the brother of long-missing Larry Baker is “catching his breath,” after learning that a human skull had been found at the end of the same road that his brother went missing from. 

The address posted on BlueBonnet News was FM1010 at CR325 in Cleveland, Texas.  This road is right off of Plum Grove Road that is in the news often.  I know it well because of the time I spent there while doing the Missing Texas Forty video segment on missing Rodney Stokley and Larry Baker.

Rodney Stokley was last seen on Plum Grove Road in 2008 and Larry Baker was last seen on CR325 in 2010. 

Vanesa Brashier, the editor of BlueBonnet News confirmed with me that the location was, “down the road from where they searched for him [Larry Baker].” 

According to BlueBonnet News it was “the resident’s dog [who] found the skull in a wooded area that surrounds the home,” on Fri. Dec. 7. Only the top part of the skull has been found at this time.  Also, another bone was found earlier, but the owner of the property stated he thought it was an animal bone and threw it back into the woods.  

Kinner has always believed his brother would be found near where he was last seen.  Not only is the location close to where Larry was last known to be (see map above) there is also the fact that no teeth have been recovered.  According to Kinner, Larry had no teeth.

Hopefully, a rush will be put on by the authorities, so that Kinner will know whether this is his brother or not.  And if not,  some other family will know what happened to their missing loved one.

Larry Baker’s brother wants police to dig for brother

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