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Man’s mugshot being compared to Delphi murder sketch

A man arrested for child molestation compared to man sought in Delphi Murders

A mugshot of a man that was arrested on January 8, 2019 in Union City, Indiana has been compared to the sketch of a man authorities are looking for in the Delphi Murders. Click here to read more about the Delphi Murders. Charles Eldridge, 46, was arrested during a sting operation by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department. A detective posing as a 13-year-old girl was talking with Eldridge on social media and agreed to meet him at a location for sex in Union City. After his arrest, Eldridge told the authorities that he has done sexual acts with other minor, reports Fox 49.

Eldridge was arrested for two counts of child molestation, Level 1 Felonies; one count of attempted child molestation, Level 1 Felony; and one count of Child Solicitation, Level 4 Felony.

Charles Eldridge

Shortly after the story broke, the public began comparing Eldridge’s mug shot to the sketch of a suspect in the Delphi Murders. While doing my research I went to Eldridge’s Facebook page and was surprised to see so many minors as his friend. Many obviously young girls who were wishing him a Happy Birthday and many more on his feed asking how he was doing. All of it going back for months. Also, on his page were random posts of missing teenagers. The following day I went back to his page to begin this post and found that all the posts I saw yesterday were now gone. My theory is that once the word got out all his friends have unfriended Eldridge. I’m sure in a few days the whole page will be gone. Why Eldridge was able to draw so many minors to his page is confusing to me. Update: Last look and there is no posts from Charles since Jan. 6, although now there are many from enraged parents.

There are many strange photos on Eldridge’s Facebook page. Particularly strange compared to the many young friends that were going to his page. You would think he would be concerned with them seeing bloody saws.

On Eldridges Facebook page, along with pictures of carcasses, bloody instruments and a grenade is photos of himself.

Finally, on February 22, 2017, Eldridge posted a news article on the Delphi murders showing the infamous photo of the man walking in the park and on Feb. 24, a story about the DNA collected at the scene. Would a person who is responsible for a crime post about the crime?

I reached out to Charles and asked him to contact me, but at this writing I have not heard back from him.

As far as Eldridge’s photo being similar to the Delphi sketch, Richmond radio station Kicks 96 said that the information has been forward to the FBI. They responded saying it’s too early to make a connection and are not calling Eldridge a person of interest.

Remember we have seen other articles where other people were thought to be connected and it resulted to be not true. Time will tell if this is the case here, too.

If anyone has information on the Delphi case, contact the FBI by calling (844) 459-5786 or emailing

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