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The strange disappearance of Pandora Duckett from Tenn.

Pandora Duckette, 85, went missing from her home in the 4300 block of Rosswood in Raleigh, Tennessee on January 28, 2019.

On that day a surveillance camera at a gas station on New Allen and Raleigh-Millington recorded her trying to buy some snacks. But, she didn’t purchase them because she didn’t have enough money. The clerk said he remembers Pandora looking confused. She then left the store.

Pandora Duckett

A few days later, a woman comes forward and says she picked up Pandora when she saw her walking in Raleigh on Monday morning. But no one knew who the woman was until social media tracked her down, Radricka Settles told the family she gave Pandora a ride, because she didn’t want to leave her walking in the cold.

Shortly after social media hears the story, they begin to accuse the woman of hurting Pandora. Settles tells her side of the story to the media. See the video below:

According to Lt. Anthony Buckner with the sheriff’s office, Settles’ said she dropped Pandora off on Rosswood, but she turned back around as she felt like something wasn’t right about where Pandora told her to drop her off. Settles didn’t know that Pandora had Alzheimer’s at the time. By the time she got back, Pandora was gone.

Pandora Duckett

Later it was realized that Pandora was at the right street, but the wrong address. Pandora actually lives about five houses down from where she told Settles to stop. Pandora has been missing since and the authorities are asking the public to keep an eye out for Pandora.

The family is worried about Pandora and they have gone out searching for hear along HIghway 14, Covington Pike, Jackson and Hollywood area.

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