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David Ramsey last seen riding his bike in Michigan

David Ramsey, 24, has been missing from Girard, Pennsylvania since April 2018. He was last seen by the Michigan State Police on Memorial Day weekend when they stopped him because he was riding his bicycle on the interstate. They put him up in a room for the night, because he had been reported missing, but he was gone the next day. He has been missing every since.

David’s cell phone is not working and he has not checked his Facebook account.

David has anxiety and he walks hunched over and sometimes holds his right arm up tight to his body when he walks.

David Ramsey with short hair

His mom, Cindy Jones is still searching for him and asks: “If ANYONE sees or hears from David, please encourage him to call or write home. Let him know that we only want to know whether or not he’s alright. No one is forcing him to come back, we just only want to know if he’s okay. If you see or hear from David, please pass along that message along with this one: ‘David, we miss you, and we love you. We hope that you are safe and happy exploring the United States. But just know that we are all only a phone call away. There are several people ready to jump at the drop of a hat to come get you if you want, or we would send you money. Or a bus ticket, or a care package with everything you need. Please David, just call home.’”

He is 5’9″ tall and 150-160 pounds when last seen. He has dark brown hair that was down to his shoulders, when he was last seen, and light blue eyes. His birthday is on Halloween so that fact may stick out for you.

If you have any information David Ramsey you are urged to call the Girard police at 814-774-2651

For more information regarding David please click on the link below <3

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