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Aubree Corona texted she was lost near Union Pass Wyoming FOUND

UPDATE August 21, 2019 – Sublette County officials said Wednesday they found Corona’s body 1.3 miles from her truck. At this time, Investigators don’t suspect foul play. They also updated info on the truck, it had a tank of gas, but it was inoperable to the point that it would not have been able to be restarted.

UPDATE August 19, 2019 – Investigators confirmed they have found Aubree’s Avalanche with a dirt bike in the back in the Leeds Creek area in Fremont County, a remote area of the Bridger National Forest approximately 40 miles north of where the group she was with were camping. The authorities are looking over the truck but did say no foul play was seen. They have NOT reported if the truck had broken down or ran out of gas.

Map of where the camp was and where the truck was found

Social media suggests that Corona’s boyfriend might have something to do with her disappearance, but the authorities have ruled him out.

Original Story: Aubree Corona, 28, has been missing since Saturday, July 13, 2019 from a campsite in New Fork Lake area Wyoming. Aubree last contact was a text to her friends. She had left in her 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche to run an errand and would return to camp. Corona got lost on her way back. She texted she was lost on the Dubois side of Union Pass and received directions from a logger in the area, according to Local 8 News. Corona also stated she was getting fuel and food and headed back to Sublette County.

Sublette County Sheriff’s Office have not been able to locate her nor her car. After an extensive grid search of the entire area between Green River Lakes and Dubois Wyoming were conducted over the last two days, the search has been called off, reports

 “Laura Elizabeth Corona Sublette county sheriff’s office didnt even notify Freemont county sherriff’s department….I had to, AND tribal police…whatever information you are sharing with them is not getting back to US….her family…and to answer your questions, Adam and Chris are not out there at this moment, but Adam will be back out today at some point. Her mom, dad, aunts and uncles are all still searching….there are many volunteers in Pinedale waiting for the word to help, horses, food, and drinks…. and the gas station in Dubois where she was supposedly at on Saturday afternoon is providing things for searchers as well. No organized search because Sublette county denied that request. They said that they do there own thing and we can do ours. I dont understand, but so much more can be done, they just aren’t. I am very disappointed in how they are handling this.nvestigators are asking people not to search on their own because the terrain could be unfamiliar and dangerous.”

If you have any information about her whereabouts please contact the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office 307-367-4378.

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