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Was Texas man arrested after body found in barrel– arrested for murders in 1978?

Update: Obituary for Kirk Buik can be found here.

Update: The Sentinel Alert stated:  “Kirk Buik was the name on the ID found on the body in the barrel last week.  Sources close to the investigation state that the body was NOT dismembered but rather bludgeoned to death and folded to fit into the barrel he was buried in. As of this writing, Greenwood is charged with ‘tampering with evidence.”

Is one of the men arrested during a search at a Shepherd property where a body was found in a barrel, the same man that was arrested for two murders in 1978?

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Although there has been no confirmation, Kirk Buik may be the victim that was found in a barrel on a property in Shepherd, Texas. Kirk Buik, 56, went missing from Shepherd, Texas July, 2019. In August a missing person report was made. He was last seen in the Cherry Creek Subdivision. Yesterday, the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s department served a warrant at the 700 block of Cherry Creek Road in Shepherd, Bluebonnet News reported. They had been there before, but found nothing. This time, during their search remains were found in a barrel that was buried in the ground. The Texas Rangers confirmed the dismembered body is suspected to be that of Kirk Buik. 


During the search, authorities arrested Jack Wayne Gonzalez and Matthew David Greenwood for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reports Click 2 Houston.

Back in August, the name Greenwood was brought to the attention of Missing Persons of America. According to the source, Matthew David Greenwood, who was 16 at the time, from the Highlands, admitted to killing two women along with his brother, William in 1978.

The name Matthew David Greenwood is the same name as one of the two men arrested in Shepherd. This is the same name brought to MPA’s attention in August. Looking for more confirmation that this is the same man, another source, told MPA that the man arrested in Shepherd was the same man that killed the two girls in 1978. Matthew David Greenwood, who goes by David lives at the back of the property once owned by his deceased parents.

Matthew David Greenwood (Facebook)

According to an article by CHRON, back in 1978, Matthew David Greenwood and his brother William Thad Greenwood murdered two women.

William Thad Greewood

“William Greenwood’s first known victim, Lucille DeBorde, was 14 years old when she disappeared in Highlands, Texas, on March 5, 1978.” DeBorde had dated Greenwood, William’s younger brother, who was 16 at the time.

According to SilverDogStanley blog, “Old Baytown Sun Newspaper Articles states that William (who was 20 at the time) tortured both women to death and had them chained to trees in the woods behind their house for days.”

DeBorde was found strangled and her body hid on the Greenwood property under a stack of logs.

Diane Rose Hall, 29, disappeared on May 21, 1978, while walking in her Highlands neighborhood.

Diane Rose Hall (Find a Grave)

According to CHRON, “Greenwood and his brother were driving around in his car looking for someone to rape. They saw Hall, a housewife with five children. They grabbed her, shoved her in the car and drove to the Greenwood property,” said Liberty County Assistant District Attorney Tami Pierce to CHRON. Greenwood raped Hall, then used a rope to strangle her after blindfolding her, the statement continues. She is believed to have died the day after she was abducted between May 21, 1978 and May 22, 1978, according to the news clip (posted below). Her body was put near DeBorde’s. Although in another article it states that, DeBorde’s death “occurred several days after that of Mrs. Hall.”

Although no date on this article, May 22, 1978 was a Monday.

According to SilverDog Stanley blog, “Both brothers kidnapped Diane from Baytown to rape her but in the end because he [David] was 16 he went to juvenile and his record is clean today.”

In the article above it states that DeBorde called her mother on the Friday before Mother’s day and that date would have been May 24, 1978. Maybe the real reason DeBorde was killed was because she found out about Hall’s murder, and not because she was pregnant, which today would be considered another person murdered.

William Thad Greenwood pled guilty to the abductions, rapes and murders of two women in the Highlands-Baytown area. He was sentenced to 36 years in prison, according to CHRON. Personally, 36 years for killing two people seems to be too light of a sentence. In 1991, he was paroled and relocated from Highlands to Hull, Texas. Then in 2018, William Greenwood was convicted for the sexual assault of his granddaughter. The depths of his depravity is outlined in detail by CHRON.

Matthew David Greenwood admitted he killed the teen and woman in a statement and passed a lie detector test. David was held in juvenile hall and the authorities waited for him to be certified as an adult so he could be formally charged. It must not have ever happened. The SilverdogStanley blog stated Matthew went to juvenile hall and was eventually released.

William’s Greenwood’s DNA will now be entered into the FBI’s CODIS database, as the authorities are thinking he may have more victims and are looking at him as a suspect in other crimes, reports CHRON. Right now he is in the Ramsey Unit and serving 5000 years. Yes, 5000, and not to be released until 1/1/9999.

Now with Kirk Buik’s body likely found on the Greenwood property, and pending charges forthcoming, Matthew David Greenwood may be heading to prison, too, if evidence shows he was involved with Buik’s murder.

Leory Banks knew Kirk and posted on Missing Texas Forty, “Well for those of y’all who didn’t know him he’s a really great guy his smile was just contagious he would always light up the room or hard worker and a real good guy…I just remember the last time I talked to him just sitting and smiling happy-go-lucky kind of guy this is a sick sick world we live in and I hate to say that.”

The below article was the first article posted before Lucille and Diane were identified.

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