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5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams missing from Florida FOUND

UPDATE DNA testing confirmed that human remains found earlier this month are those of Taylor.

UPDATE 11/11/19 – A body has been found between Linden and Demopolis. Positive identification has not been released. Brianna was taken to the hospital because she tried to commit suicide. I did another video yesterday on this. One of the things that was sticking out for me was the fact that Taylor was not in childcare from June on and no one has come forward to say they were taking care of her. So, I began to wonder who was taking care of her and maybe if Brianna was leaving her home alone. Click here to watch the video. So many unanswered questions regarding this case.

UPDATE – 11/10/19 – Sunday, the Demopolis police stated that a search was being conducted 20 minutes from hometown of Brianna Williams. Demopolis Police is working with FBI, SBI, and law enforcement from outside the state, including . They initiated a missing persons search with the help of the FBI and unspecified “out of state” law enforcement agencies. Right now there is no word whether it is connected to Taylor or not. I am wondering if they received a tip of her possible location and they alerted the other agencies

UPDATE 11/8/19 – The police are stated that Brianna is not cooperating with them, and have told conflicting stories. The detectives are still trying to narrow down the last time Brianna was seen. According to Tiffani Nicole (below) she did not see Taylor on Sunday when she helped Brianna move from the Southside Villas apartment complex on Southside Blvd. The authorities have asked the public to come forward if you have seen Taylor over the last few months.

On social media we are hearing reports of her last being seen in June when she was a child care. If this turns out to be true, that June is the last time she was seen, then we are talking about around 5 months that she has been missing. Where is she. Did something terrible happen? I am wondering if it’s possible that Taylor was sent somewhere for the summer and she went missing. Could she have been sent to live with someone? Was Brianna, who is a petty officer first class at the Tactical Operations Center have to deploy during this time? More questions that I hope I get the answers to and will let you know.

In the meantime, I have found out the Maurice Tate is Taylor’s father and he lives in Alabama. He has not seen Taylor in “a while.” Taylor’s paternal grandmother is from Alabama and she has not seen Taylor or Brianna in two years. She said after Brianna moved to Jacksonville they stopped talking with her and her son, Maurice.

UPDATE: 11/7/19 – A woman has come forward that states she helped the mom of Taylor Williams move. She told News4Jax that Brianna Williams, Taylor’s mom who is a Petty Officer at NAS Jax had paid them to help her move. She posted on Action News Jax below:

Do we know if Tiffani is a reliable source. Right now, I have not heard any feedback from anyone that knows her. I do wonder why she posted the above message, when usually the police ask them to keep the information to themselves as it might hinder the investigation.

The only problem with all of this is that although it seems damning for Brianna, it is really only hearsay. As stated above, Tiffani said Brianna told Chris (her husband) that her daughter was in the bathroom and he heard water running in the bathroom. Right now it is one persons word against the other. We really don’t know if Brianna said that or not. And if she did say that, for what reason? And as far as the water running, was it really running, or was it the toilet running? My point is, after Tiffani and Chris realized that the woman they helped move was also the same woman that reported her child missing, some details of what happened when they were helping her move might be a little exaggerated.

Also, personally if I was told the daughter was in the bathroom and everyone was leaving the house, I would remind the mother about the daughter. Even though I didn’t even know the age of the daughter I still would have said something, assuming the mom might be overwhelmed with the move, and forgot. And, maybe Tiffani and Chris did not bring it up because they were busy moving and didn’t think about it.

I am also curious about the statement Tiffani said, that Brianna over paid her? It seems to me that she is trying to insinuate that it was meant to be hush money. Most people would say, you’ve paid me too much or accept it and think it was a tip for a good job. Why would Tiffani think that the over payment didn’t mean that?

So far, the police have done all that is normally done in case like this. And very quickly, too. They are going through all the trash at the apartment complex, they are going through Brianna’s car, they are searching every square inch of the old and new neighborhood that Brianna lived in. They are talking with neighbors, family and friends.

Original Story: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s has announced they are searching for a missing 5-year-old girl, Taylor Rose Williams. She was last seen at her home in the 600 block of Ivy Street, in the Brentwood area of Florida.

Taylor was seen in her home around midnight on November 6, 2019. When the family woke up, Taylor was not in her room and the back door was unlocked.

An Amber Alert was going to be issued this morning.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Facebook page posted:

Name: Taylor Rose Williams
Age: 5yrs old
Height: 3”0 / Weight: 50lbs
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Black (natural)
Clothing: Purple shirt and Pink Pajama pants (at bedtime) 

Police are asking for the community’s help to find Taylor and said neighbors are helping.

Anyone having seen or who may the whereabouts of Taylor is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office immediately at 904-630-0500.

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