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Everlyse Cabrera missing from Las Vegas since 2006

Everlyse Cabrera, 2, went missing from Las Vegas, Nevada on June 10, 2006. She was last seen in her bed by her foster parents in the 6500 block of Diamond Point Court.  The following morning she was gone.

Her foster parents, Vhee and Manuel Carrascal said that she was in her bed at 1 a.m., but gone by 8 a.m. The told the police they thought that she stood on a chair, unlocked the front door of their home and wandered out.

Age Progression photo from NCMEC

What doesn’t make sense is they waited till noon, to report her missing. With a child that young, you don’t wait.

During the investigation things began to come out. According to The Charley Project, Everlyse was seen with a burn on her hand by her biological parents. Another foster child who was being taken care of by the Carrascal’s had been taken to the hospital for burns from hot water. The child was eventually removed from the home, but I have not heard why, meaning if CPS removed a child, why did they let them foster other children? Then it was found that the Carrascal’s never finished their foster care training, but were allowed to renew their license. They also had an adult son living with them that they did no background check on. They stated he was only there for two weeks.

According to, Everlyse’s parents, Marlena Olivas and Ernesto Cabrera had let the Carrascal’s adopt their oldest son, and subsequently Everylse was fostered by the Carrascal’s. Marlena and Ernesto filed a lawsuit against them and the Carrascal’s plead the fifth and answered no questions. The lawsuit was settled for $300,000, which was the maximum payout on the insurance policy for the foster parents by Clark County..

Neighbors protested in front of the Carrascal’s home and the Carrascal’s filed a restraining order against their neighbors, to stop it.

Detectives, volunteers, and Everlyse’s biological family searched for her, but she was never found. The Carrascal’s did not and stopped cooperating with police.

Everlyse would be 15-years-old now.

NCMEC Number1046382

If you know anything about this case, please contact the North Las Vegas Police Dept. at 702-633-2337.

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