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Austin woman and her baby missing FOUND

Please note this post is running in reverse chronological order with the latest info on top. If your reading this for the first time you may want to start towards the bottom, at ORIGINAL STORY.

January 7, 2020 – An affidavit helps explain a lot of things that were happening surrounding this case. We now know that the police probably knew right away that Magen had something to do with Heidi and the baby’s disappearance. We now know that Magen Fieramusca, who is being held for the crime, was not only there during the birth of Margo, but also lived with Heidi and Shane for a period of time, and even had a key to the apartment. Surveillance cameras showed a car that the police believed to be Magen’s drive toward the rear of the complex at 9:05 a.m. on Dec. 12. Records from Fieramusca’s cell phone also show she was in the area. There was also a witness that saw Magen put an “infant” with a knit cap into the car and drive off quickly without putting the baby in a car seat.

An internet search showed that Magen had a Facebook page under Maygen Humphrey and her internet searches showed a search for bodies found in Austin. The page was later deleted.

We now know that the Texas Rangers saw the ex-boyfriend buying baby formula on Dec. 19, approached him and showed him a flyer with Margo Carey’s picture on it. He looked and replied, “that’s the baby in my house,” the affidavit said.

Magen Fieramusca. Photo courtesy of APD.

UPDATE It has been confirmed that baby Margo has been found and is safe. The body has been confirmed to be Heidi’s. Heidi’s cause of death was ligature strangulation.

Kudos and thank you to the FBI for finding little Margo.

UPDATE Dec 19 – The body of a woman has been found in northwest Houston in the trunk of a car. The authorities stated the FBI arrived at a home on Bojack Drive. Also, a baby about 1 month old was found inside the home. Although there has been no confirmation of the identity of the remains the body is likely Heidi’s. The media is stating that Heidi knew the person that lives at the home. The baby was taken by child services and taken to the hospital.

Doc shows Magen has been charged with kidnapping

UPDATE From what I have found the people in the home have been arrested. Chris (last name unknown at this time) and Magen Rose Fieramusca have been taken into custody. Evidently, Magen announced she was pregnant but was not actually pregnant. The authorities believe that may be the reason Heidi was killed and the baby was taken.

I have heard two stories that Magen’s parent’s called the tip in. How heartbreaking for them to have to turn their own child in, and what courage it took for them to do that. And, I heard that the tip came from Chris who called CPS to notify them that Magen was mistreating the baby, and he did not know that he was not the father. I’m sure we will find out which one is right very soon. Which one do you think it is?

Car where body was found

There is a theory that Heidi was lured out of the home by Chris that said that Magen needed help, but has not been confirmed.

The home on BoJack Dr. was build in the 70s and was for sale a few years back and his is what it looked like back then. It since has bee painted. A neighbor (below) stated they have been living there for around 5 years.

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Just spoke w/ a next door neighbor, who tells me a man in his 30’s has lived in this home for 4-5yrs w/ his girlfriend, no kids. He says he saw a swarm of law enforcement searching through a silver car parked in the backyard, a woman was taken into custody. #khou11 #htownrush

Photo of Chris and Magen. Magen has been charged with kidnapping.

UPDATE Dec. 18 – I have not heard any more about Texas Equusearch. They need an okay from the police to do a search and I am thinking that because of the FBI is part of the investigation now, that TES will not be searching. I believe it would have been extremely helpful if dogs were brought in, even more so, a few days ago, to see if they can follow Heidi’s trail. At least they would have been able to determine if she got into a vehicle or not.

Also, I have heard nothing about a polygraph. This is something the police do early on to eliminate a person. I don’t see any indication that the police have asked Shane or anyone else to take one.

Because of this I am beginning to wonder if they think that Heidi left on her own. I also believe that this was their original thought in the beginning, and once this story began to grow, they had to look at other possibilities. At this point, I believe that the APD is going to rely on the FBI to do the investigation, including any poly tests.

UPDATE Dec. 17 – If you want to see the live Police Conference, you can go here and watch a recording of it on my Facebook page.

One thing that was interesting is a reporter asked about police showing up at the apartment previously. I did read that a service, someone like a service for the management company, had gone into the apartment and could tell there had been fights there. Remember this is all heresay at this point.

So, I have been going back over the videos. One thing is a big question that I would love the answer to. Remember Shane said that he saw Heidi’s car. Did he think that Heidi had already picked up the little boy from school and was still with her at another apartment? It doesn’t seem so, but this is what I’m getting at. I believe that Shane knew the boy was still at the school. Shane called it child care and Heidi’s friend said Karate. I thought, maybe it it is some after school thing.

I went to the school website and found they had many programs and they are all considered childcare to after school care. The child either stays a school or is bussed to another location. There is one that is Karate and the child is bussed there. The program runs from 3 to 6. So, the little boy would need to be picked up at that location which is about 15 minutes away from W. William Canyon Rd.

So, I am thinking that Shane would know he would have to be picked up from after school care and as it got closer to the time Shane would have to monitor the time to see if he needed to pick up the little boy. By 5:40, he would have had to make a decision in order to get there in time to pick him up. Why didn’t he? He only had to look outside to see her car was still there and knew the little boy had to be picked up. I am wondering if Shane fell asleep when he got home from work? What do you think?

Shane has said the door was open, but we don’t know at this point if he’s talking bout the car door or front door. And by open does he mean wide open or unlock.

UPDATE Dec 15 – There is a much longer video the news has released where Shane has given more details. Here is what I heard: Shane says they wake up at 6:30 a.m. Heidi, Margot and Silas went to school and Silas was dropped off at school and Heidi went with Margot to the book fair. After the book fair they spoke on the phone, and it was 8:15. For some reason after he talks about the phone call from Heidi he said, “That’s okay, and I told her I have to go, cuz I’m on my way out”… then he says something but it has been either cut out by the news or he is saying words without any sound. I think the news cut it out. It appears as though he was saying where he was going. Then it goes on and Shane says, he worked till 1 “something”and got home around 2. Heidi was not in the apartment, and Shane says Heidi’s phone was turned off, but I am wondering how he knows that. Later he says he called her at 1:40, so at that point, it must be when he says her phone was turned off. But, like I said before how did he know the phone was turned off? I looked up how you would know that and this came up:

Often when a phone is turned off or a cellphone network is unable to reach it for some other reason, like remote location with no reception, the phone will ring only briefly.

So, then, the phone being in an area with no reception would make it act the same way as if it was turned off. Hmmm.

Shane said he thought she was at a nearby apartment. He left to pick up their son from day care and came home. Shane called his dad when he had not heard from Heidi and then a friend and then the cops and they showed up around 7:30 p.m. First he says that Heidi’s purse, car seat, id was found “upstairs” in the apartment. Then he says, “the car seat is upstairs, the purse is upstairs, her ID, wallet.,.” Then he says.”her purse was found inside the car, with all the money inside it”. It could have been just a mistake he made.

In another interview he said Heidi’s purse was “up here” snd he was standing in his apartment.

The keys and cell phone were not found. The cell phone has been off. Heidi’s car was found unlocked.

If you compare Shane’s story with Heidi’s friend Caressa’s post (see below), you can see many difference. Where Caressa has gotten the information she is posting on social media is unknown. If she got it straight from Shane, then it would cause me concern that there were so many discrepancies.

UPDATE Dec 14 – So, through out the day I have been thinking about this case. Social media seems to be leaning towards her husband/boyfriend, Shane Tyson Carey having something to do with Heidi’s disappearance. In fact, when I watch the video my first impression is that he’s hiding something, but I don’t know what it is.

There’s much about the timeline and I’m not sure Shane is actually changing his story as many are saying or if it just appears to because of the media. So far, the general story from the media is, he went home around 2, and Heidi was not there, got a call to pick up his son, left and came back and Heidi was still gone, and he called the police around 7 p.m. (Please see latest interview above).

Also, Heidi’s phone is not connected, which someone would do if they were leaving on purpose.

I have read from Heidi’s girlfriends post that neighbors said they heard loud voices, like an argument that day. Was it Heidi and Shane or someone else? Did she know them enough to get in their car with the baby?

Comparing Caressa’s post to Shane’s latest media interview, this is what I have noticed: “he got off at 2/3” – in the interview he stated he got off work at 1 and home before 2. Shane said he didn’t call the police till 7:30 p.m. Shane said the car door was open, but nothing about the front door being open. There is no way to tell right now if he meant car door all along and someone thought he meant front door. There was no mention of an argument by Shane, but Caressa said there was. I don’t know where she got that info. Caressa is saying Shane said he picked up his son from Karate at 6. Shane said in the interview he picked up his son from childcare, and it was around 2:30 assumed Heidi was over at another apartment.

Then I find a mug shot for Heidi in 2017 for a theft of property in San Marcos. Is it possible that Heidi received a deferred sentence because of her pregnancy and was due to serve time after her baby was born? Or was that whole incident dropped. In the photo you can see that Heidi was very upset. The huge bags under her eyes could be caused by rubbing her eyes and crying. It could be lack of sleep. But you can’t help but wonder what lead to the theft of property. Was it someone’s home or was it theft at a store? Either way something was going on in Heidi’s life that she felt that theft was the way to go.

When I watched Shane’s video I could see something wasn’t right and if I were to guess I would say that Shane is not telling the whole story. Not because Heidi is deceased but because he knows why she left. Whether it’s because it had to do with a previous arrest or drugs or another man, I do think it is something that Shane wants to keep private and that is what he is keeping to himself. Which is a smart move, because the minute you provide to the public an idea of what happened it can backfire on you in many ways. One could be you are blamed or the public decides the MP took off on purpose and there is no need to look for them.

Update Dec. 13: It seems the story has changed since the husband last told it according to Heidi’s friend.

Original Story – The Austin Policer Dept. released a presser today for missing Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            
DATE: 12/13/2019
Contact: Public Information Office, (512) 974-5017
Case Number: 19-3461485
Location of Call for Service: 744 West William Cannon
The Austin Police Department Missing Persons Unit requests assistance in locating the following Missing Persons:
Heidi Broussard (Mother)
White Adult Female
6/15/1986 (33 years old)
5’3”   150 pounds
Long, dark hair with highlights
purple shirt
Margot Carey (Daughter)
White Infant Female 
11/26/2019 (2 weeks old)
7 pounds 7 ounces, 22 inches
Unknown clothing
Last seen dropping off a child at Cowan Elementary School (2817 Kentish Drive) on 12/12/2019 at approximately 7:30 AM.

Heidi and Margot are believed to have returned to their residence near West William Cannon and South First Street, but have not been seen or heard from since.

Please call 911 with any information about the whereabouts of Heidi Broussard or Margot Carey.


The Police release above is informative, but it is not until you read the post from her friend that you realize that there is much more to it. According to Caressa Nolte we find out that Heidi never showed up to pick up her son from child care. The husband picked up the son after they called him and when he got home to the Club at Summer Valley apartments the door was wide open and Heidi’s purse and baby bag were there, but Heidi and the 2-week old baby girl, Margot were gone.

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