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Sharon Zelinski McCully missing from Austin since 1984

Sharon “Sarah” Zelinski McCully, 25, was last seen in Austin, Texas, on December 11, 1984.

She had met her husband for lunch and then dropped him off at work. He saw her driving eastbound on Howard Lane toward I-35 in the 1965 white VW with an orange hood.

Her car was found near Barton Creek Square on the 8600 block of Research Blvd. near an apartment complex. She had told her husband she was going Christmas shopping and it is probable she went to that shopping mall. Witnesses stated they saw her get out of the car with a man and walk towards apartment stairs. There was never a positive confirmation of this.

There was sightings of her car on Bee Cave Road, but again, it could have been a mistake or at another time the car was seen, or even another car like her’s although the car was a unique color.

Fingerprints were found in the car, but the police never said anything about it or who they belonged to. Her purse was never found.

Sharon’s husband was given a polygraph and he passed.

See the video below to go with us as we drive to Howard Lane and go to the apartments where Sharon’s car was found.

Then on December 22, 1984, Lauren Marie McCarty, 21, was found murdered. Are these two cases connected? The police thought so at the time, but no one was ever arrested.

Lauren McCarty lived at 7020 Grand Canyon Drive and was last seen at 2 p.m. as she left for work at the Texas Municipal Court Training Center. She was found with her hands tied with white twin. Her blue jeans and underwear was found next to her in the car. She had been struck 14 times in the head and was stabbed after she was dead. Her purse was never found.

What was interesting is that Sharon’s husband remember that there was a white rope that he used to tie down the hood of Sharon’s car after the hood latch broke. I found nothing that stated the police showed him the rope to see if it was the same type.

In the article by the American Statesman is says that the police knew who it was that killed Lauren, but they did not have enough evidence to charge him.

Sharon Zelinski is still missing.

Back in 1998, the Texas Department (see below) of Public Safety posted that through the use of new technology, they were able to match DNA to the person responsible for Lauren’s murder. I have not been able to find out a name for who that was or any further information. If he is responsible for Sharon missing, too, I don’t know, as I can find no information nor if the “new technology” was used in Sharon’s case. As mentioned in the video below, I saw nothing that stated that any DNA was found at the car, other than fingerprints taken.

Agency Name: Austin Police Department: Cold Case Unit
Agency Contact Person: Cassandra Cistone
Agency Phone Number: 512-974-5281
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 840254800

NCIC Case Number: M-141052381 
NamUs Case Number: 8651

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