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Sasha Krause missing from Mennonite community Found

Trial has ended

A page for hearings and the trial has been started. You can click here to go to it.

UPDTE 10/13/21 – Mark Gooch has been found Guilty for murder of Sasha Krause.

Original story starts below. All updates are put at the beginning of the page as they come in by date. If you are looking for the live video, it is farther down the page.

UPDATE 8/20/20 – Sheriff Jim Driscoll and Sgt. Jason Lurkins stated that Sasha Krause and Mark Gooch’s cell phone forensics showed a match and they were “able to mirror one phone number that paired up with Sasha’s phone number,” said Sgt. Lurkins.

There was no determination that Sasha and Mark Gooch were communicating before the kidnapping.

Surveillance video footage showing Mark Gooch was found on a storage shed owned by the Mennonites on the Farmington compound and a vehicle in the area that matches Mark’s vehicle, according to Sgt. Lurkins.

A 22 caliber rifle that Mark owned matches the bullet that killed Sasha. The bullet was shot into the back of her head, but the police said there was blunt force trauma and a single gun shot wound.

Also, Sam Gooch took a plane to retrieve the gun from a third party that Mark had stored the gun with.

UPDATE 4/28/20 – “Prosecutor Ammon Barker said Gooch had no known direct connection to Krause, though he did have ties to the Mennonite community.” It was also stated that Gooch beat, then shot Sasha in the head.

UPDATE 4/21/20 – A suspect has been arrested. The police announced that they have arrested a man in connection with the disappearance and murder of Sasha Krause. His name is Mark Gooch and he is an airman in the Air Force stationed at Luke Air Force base in Glendale, AZ. The authorities are saying he traveled from the base to New Mexico and video shows his vehicle “outside the Mennonite community.”

The authorities stated during their press conference that Sheriff’s officials allege the 21-year-old airman traveled from Luke Air Force Base to Farmington, New Mexico. Gooch was also charged with theft and at first I thought it was because of the money that was taken, but the authorities stated Gooch was charged with theft for taking Krause’s head covering and underwear, according to Flagstaff Justice Court documents.

I noted that there was a Mennonite community in Arizona and wondered if there was a connection, meaning I wondered if they had crossed paths a some time, but when I asked a source if it was possible that Sasha had visited that other community or worked there, I was told no.

“We don’t know that he was going there necessarily to seek her out,” said Coconino County sheriff’s Lt. Brian Tozer. “We just know he was there in Farmington.”

Krause had injuries to her head that authorities believe led to her death, but they haven’t disclosed how she was killed.

The sheriff stated more information will be released later.

UPDATE 3/20/20 – The authorities were on Live PD asking for the public to call them if they were in the area of Flagstaff or Four Corners and saw anything peculiar on February 17th or early morning hours of February 18th. For example, anyone that would have seen Sasha at a convinent store or seen them parking alongside the road, anything that drew their attention and they realize that it was a woman in mennonite clothing, to step forward and call the San Juan County Detectives. Call 505-333-7878

UPDATE 2/25/20 – An autopsy has determined that the body found was Sasha Krause. The manner or cause of death has not been released yet.

UPDATE: Thinking about this since Saturday, I am theorizing that someone took Sasha and likely put her in the trunk of the car, so no one would see there as they drove out of town. I also believe that it is someone that knows of the Mennonite community, but is not a member. As I mentioned before it was a small window of time, that the event occurred, so I am thinking the person had thought of doing this before, and saw their opportunity, either by running into her at the church or she met them at that location and had spoke with them before, and they knew she was going to that location. My fear is finding this person may be hard, because if they did put her in the trunk, there would be no video showing her in the passenger or backseat of car. I also think her death was likely soon after she was abducted and the person drove to the location.

I am hearing rumors that Sasha was found at the Wupatki National Moment area, outside Flagstaff. The Daily Mail is also reporting this. I noted that  January 20th, the day after Sasha went missing, was a free day to enter the park, and driving from the Farmington church to that location would have taken 4 hours. (Please see map.) The person likely knew there was no video cameras to catch him taking her at the church and no video cameras where she was left, and combined with the free entrance day, this may have been why that location was picked. Also, I found the following, “Kykots­movi, Ariz., is a Native American ministry with decades of Mennonite history and influence. HMS is a member of Mennonite Education Agency’s Mennonite Schools Council.” Kykotsmovi, Arizona is on the Hopi Reservation and is

an hour and half away from Wupatki and there are two ways to get there from that starting point (see map). Just a theory that maybe someone associated with the the mennonite community in Kykotsmovi, also was associated with the community in New Mexico. Is there a connection between Farmington Mennonite Church and the Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church? It could have nothing to do with it and could only be a coincidence as Sasha has never served at Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church.

UPDATE 2/22/20 — On Saturday around noon I received an unexpected call from the family of Sasha Krause letting me know that her body had been found. They did not want to be on social media so you will only see me on the live video, getting off the phone and telling you what I heard:

I have already been receiving tips regarding the events that led up to the discovery of Sasha’s body, and I will be talking about that soon.

The family stated: “We don’t have any more details yet but we are truly thankful for everyone that prayed, hung flyers, and volunteered in searches. We are also profoundly thankful for everything law enforcement did in searching for and finding our dear Sasha. They never gave up and we so appreciate that.

Also, the family has asked me to research and find out what happened to Sasha. If you have any information, please let me know. You can remain anonymous. Thank you!

Another person that social media is wondering about is William Ball, who is a registered sex offender. His profile shows that he worked at Lamp and Light.

Update January 29, 2020 – As we wait to hear information about Sasha, I have had time to think about the case and went and looked at a Google map to see where the Farmington Mennonite Church was, as this was the last place Sasha was known to be. At least that is where her car was found. The Coon family arrived at the church and saw Sasha’s car around 7:50 p.m. We know that Sasha used her phone at 7:30 p.m. to ask about SS books for the service at Kline. This is a very narrow window. She must have planned to go there, or she would not have made the phone call. Although I know that a thorough search has been done, I can’t help but wonder if she is not still in the basement or attic of the church. I’m sure the police have already thought about this and I can assume they searched. But, I have heard of searches being done before and then days later the person is found deceased and the body hidden, near an area that was already searched.

We also have another clue with the light left on. I found out that the light was in the basement and Sasha would have to go to the basement to get the book. The fact the light was still on, makes me wonder if she was not attacked before she had a chance to turn it back off again. But, what if she was not the one that left it on. So…..

Lamp and Light Publishers – Directly across the street from this building is an empty lot with bushes and no trees. And then on the right (Facing it) of the building is a storage facility. I hope the police have searched all the storages at that location.

If Sasha was planning on leaving, I don’t believe she would not have made a phone call, unless…

Unless, it was all planned. Maybe the phone call was the excuse she was looking for to get out of her house. She drove to the church where someone was waiting for her and jumped into their car and was gone, just like that.

If she walked away from there, she would have been seen. The area is too wide open for that not to happen. The Coon family would have seen her walking for sure.

So, either she walked in on someone robbing the place (the $60 in the till), and they didn’t want to get caught so they grabbed her and threw her in the car. But, would someone go from a small burglary charge and escalate it to a kidnapping charge over $60? Why would anyone do that, when all they had to do was run away?

But, because it all happened so quickly, and I am basing this on the report that the Coon family arrived right after and saw her car there, I am wondering if she planned to meet someone at the church all along and used the phone call as an excuse to get out of the house, so she could go meet them. From there she was either grabbed and taken away, or she got into the car of her own freewill leaving her family, friends and previous life behind.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sasha Marie Krause, 27, has been missing since January 19, 2020. Sasha is originally from Texas and was volunteering at the Farmington Mennonite Church in New Mexico. She left her residence on Jan. 18, around 8 p.m., and never came back. Her car was found near a church parking lot.

A member of the Farmington Mennonite Church said Krause was stopping by the church to pick up books for an upcoming class she was supposed to teach, according to KRQE News.  Sasha made a phone call around 7:30 asking about SS books for the service of Kline.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is heading the search for her. The police are getting surveillance video from business to see if she appears on the video. They have also been searching on foot with search dog by the Christian Aid Ministries.

She left behind her purse, wallet, bank card.

Information on social media stated she possibly interrupted a burglary in progress and was abducted, but I have not been able to backtrack where this information originally came from and the police have not substantiated the info. Sean and Mercy Hoyt stated, the missing money was from selling calendars.

Ryan Brown, Sasha’s Uncle and Jennifer Krause, Sasha’s aunt posted witnesses saw a suburban speeding away from her church which is close to where she lives, but that tip has not been substantiated, yet. Sean and Mercy Hoyt notified me that the Surburban was ruled out (they found out who owned it).

Social media has reported: ” I seen a white van the other day. They went the same exact way I was going. I was behind them, I think they thought I was following them, so they started to drive very reckless and fast. It was a white Ford Big Van. Last 3 numbers were 717… I tried to take a pic, but couldn’t keep up and I got to my destination. Happened last Week. This was in Farmington and they sped off on Schofield by the 7 2 11 gas station.

And: “Is there any truth to the Chevy Surburban speeding away from the church?San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, NM I dont want to be spreading false info.”

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, NM responded on social media, “We are investigating every possible scenario. A chevy suburban is not the only type of vehicle reported so we’re thoroughly following up. We can and only will release what we factually know, it would be irresponsible of us to report anything less. We are absolutely doing everything we can and will continue to be as transparent as possible without hindering our investigation.”

She is described as 5’3”, with brown eyes with long, dark brown hair. Her purse, car, keys, money, credit cards and all her personal belonging are accounted for.

If you have seen Sasha or have any information regarding her disappearance, please contact dispatch immediately at 505-334-6622 and ask to speak to Detective Strang.

There is also an organized online search party that volunteers can signup for in the “Missing Sasha Krause (Prayer & Support For Family & Friends)” group on Facebook.

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