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Is the disappearance of Clint Miller and Johnny Lowe connected?

See video below where I talk to Clint’s family

UPDATE 5/23/21 – The remains of Johnny Lowe have been identified as those found in Moss Bluff. The other remains found near by were found to be animal bones.

UPDATE 7/19/20: Billie was able to talk with a Texas Ranger and she told me, he disclosed information that I cannot release at this time, but will hopefully come out soon. Also, the family of Clint Miller cannot get verification that the remains found belong to Clint. They are still in the custody of some official and are impossible to track down. It is thought they may still be with the police and have not been forwarded for identification. It cannot be clarified, because the Jefferson County crime lab in Beaumont and the UNT Center in Ft. Worth officials that take care of remains will not disclose whether they have the remains or not, as they do not know who the remains belong to. The family of Miller cannot ask for a status on the process because they are not sure where the remains are–whether they are still at the police station, or Ft. Worth or Beaumont and because of the unknown identity of the remains, does not allow the family or anyone else for that matter, to know. The Miller family has no rights to any knowledge of the remains. When they are identified, then the family of who the remains are, will have the rights to the information. At this point, it has already been a year. How many more years until these remains are identified? Why is there no accountability of remains in Liberty and Montgomery Counties. I have kept a list of unidentified remains and update it as remains are identified. The list is extremely informative and eye-opening. You can click here to look at it.

Original Story: In my conversations and interviews with family members of Clint and of Johnny Lowe, they feel that all leads have not been examined. Several family members feel they have a suspect in mind that they want the police to look at. They have shared with me information they hope will encourage law enforcement to take a closer look at this case. I have not released any names in this post to the public for many reasons.

I will go over the disappearance of Clint Miller first, then Johnny’s Lowe’s disappearance and the finding of two bodies and then I will go over how the similarities in these two cases, that causes the family and myself to believe they are connected.

Clint Miller is one of the Missing Texas Forty. Click here to read more about the Missing Texas Forty.

Clint Miller

Clint Miller, was 26 years old when he went missing from 70 County Road 1335D in Moss Bluff, Tx, located in Liberty County. He went missing Monday, May 25, 2015. 

Green dot is where Clint’s home burned down.

The family told me they received a message that Clint’s home was on fire, on May 24, 2015 in the evening.  A witness to the event said that the fireman at the scene said that the padlock on the camper was locked on the outside and Clint was not inside.   

The following is information I was told regarding this case.

The Search

The family told me that when they received the news, they set out to search for Clint and drove right into a Memorial Day storm that flooded the area. According to the Texas Department of Emergency Management, 11 inches of rain fell within a 24-hour period in some areas. Thousands of homes were flooded and hundreds of people had to be rescued. According to the Harris County Office of Emergency Management, eight people died during the weather event.

The family has a video of the area when they went to search for Clint and you can see how flooded it was.

Their search did not result in them finding Clint.

Looking for Clues

The family told me they remembered conversations they had with Clint and said Clint had told them before he went missing that there was a guy that was following him. Clint knew who the guy was because Clint was seeing the guy’s live-in girlfriend and figured that was why the guy was following him. The family added they knew about it because they had seen Clint with the girlfriend. Clint also told the family that the guy sent him a note and had burned down a pier, near his home, as a warning to stay away from the girlfriend. What the note said is unknown. They believe that that incident may have something to do with Clint’s disappearance.

Phone Records

One of the first things that was brought up to me was the discrepancy with Clint’s whereabouts. The family told me that the deputy told then that Clint made a phone call at 2:30 p.m. on May 24 from Moss Bluff. An entry in the Montgomery County Police Reporter states, “the mobile home at that location was a total loss and shortly after the fire it was reported that Clinton William Miller, who lived in that mobile home, had not been seen by friends and relatives since the day prior to the fire on May 24th.” A person told the family that he saw Clint on Sunday, May 24 and he was helping him stack bags by Potter’s Place, in preparation for possible flooding. Another person came forward and stated they receiving a phone call from Clint on May 25, and they told the family that Clint had gone to a friend’s house.  Then another person told the family they picked Clint up when they saw him walking down the rode and they both went to the friend’s house, and that early the next morning, around 3 a.m. on Monday, May 25. Clint got a phone call and he said he had to leave, and he left.  

Det. Knox told the family that Clint’s phone was on till May 27, two days after the fire, and the last ping was at Sunday, May 27 at 5:52 p.m.

We reached out to the woman that last saw Clint, to hear her story, but she declined to speak with me. She was too afraid of retaliation.


The family talked with whomever would speak with them about Clint. According to Clint’s family they were able to get more information from another individual named William “Bill” Trevor Moore, who stated that Clint was having a “beef” with another guy over a trailer, and he was “getting his ass beat.” According to Clint’s family, Bill would not tell them where Clint was, but said they would find him in a few days. Before they had a chance to talk with Bill further, he was murdered. The story is that this man and Clint were fighting over a camper trailer. The man hit Clint twice and the second time Clint had a seizure. The man stabbed him to death.

The person who supposedly had a “beef” with Clint was found and the family questioned him, and asked him if he had burned down Clint’s camper. He laughed and said nothing can be proven and it is a rumor.   He also said he had no problem with Clint. 

Clint’s Wallet

Clint’s brother, Dustin, told me that he was given Clint’s wallet. He said that he was fishing when a man walked up and showed him a wallet and asked him if he knew who it belonged to. When Dustin opened it he saw Clint’s drivers license. The man said he got it from another man who had found the wallet in an old blue trailer that was on Clint’s property. The family does not understand why Clint would have left his wallet behind.

The family spent the next few years gathering information about Clint, then an event occurred that was all too similar to Clint’s case.

Johnny Joe Lowe’s Disappearance

Johnny Joe Lowe of Liberty County went missing since June 27, 2019. Johnny Lowe and Clint Miller are related and lived near each other in Moss Bluff.

Johnny was known to have gone fishing that night. Texas Equusearch was called to search for Johnny. “He’s pretty active,” Tim Miller said. “He knew everybody and nobody has seen him. His phone goes straight to voicemail … that doesn’t happen with him.” The Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept. began investigating the case and said, “We are just starting to talk to people and are trying to get a handle on this thing and then we’ll find out whether in fact there was foul play or if it’s just a missing person,” said Ken DeFoor, Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Johnny’s mother Billie Evans posted on social media when Johnny went missing, “This is my son. Johnny Lowe he went missing yesterday while fishing in moss bluff. He was driving a dark blue Ford focus. They found his little dog. He takes this dog everywhere he goes and would never go off and leave her. If you anything about his whereabouts please contact us. Thank you.”

Johnny Lowe

It would be a little over two weeks later when a car would be found in the Trinity River.

The Car Found in Trinity River

On July 14, 2019, a car was pulled from the Trinity River in South Liberty County near Moss Bluff . According to Billie the car was “bent up.” All media and police reports state that the car belonged to Johnny, but when I spoke with Billie, she was adamant that everyone should know that it was not Johnny’s car.  The car belonged to woman, who Johnny knew. According to Billie, she bartered the car to Johnny for money she needed with the condition she would get the car back when she returned the money. That is why the car was never registered in Johnny’s name, as she was to get it back when she paid back Johnny the money she borrowed. This woman was also a girlfriend of the same guy that was following Clint.

Looking for Clues

Billie found out that Johnny’s house was ransacked but Billie said the police were not concerned, even though many items were stolen, like his keys, including a safe key, and everything taken out of the safe.  Johnny’s pistols, a knife collection, and his silver coins were all gone.   She wondered if this had anything to do with Johnny’s disappearance?


Billie talked to everyone she could and stated that she was told by a source that witnessed the event, that an individual was seen taking parts out of the car found in the Trinity River before it ended up in the river. Parts like the speakers and stereo system.

Discovery of Two Bodies

On August 16, 2019, Joanna (Johnny’s daughter) and two men went searching for Johnny and came across remains on CR133N.  Because of the boots that looked like Johnny’s, Texas Equusearch stated it was Johnny. 

Red dot is area where Clint Miller lived. CR1333 is the area where one body was found, somewhere around the blue line. One of the bodies is believed to be Johnny Lowe, but there has been no confirmation, the other body’s identification is unknown at this time.

TexasEquusearch was called in to go over the area where the remains were found and another set of remains were found near CR133N. Clint’s family wonders if they belong to Clint. (Identified May 2021 as animal bones)

Both sets of remains were shipped with DNA to University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNT) in Ft. Worth.  Billie believes if it wasn’t for TexasEquuSearch, that she would still be searching for Johnny, because she would have never known that the remains had on the clothing and boots that Johnnie was known to be wearing. Clint’s family believes if it wasn’t for Johnny’s daughter, the events leading up to the discovery of the other set of remains would not have happened.

Billie’s Theory

Billie theorizes that the man took the woman to retrieve her car from Johnny and she believes they found the car and Johnny and managed to get the car back from Johnny. Billie theorized to me the following: “The woman jumped into the car to take it away from Johnny–without returning his money she borrowed. Johnny tried to stop her by standing in front of the car. The woman ran him down causing the dent that was seen on the car when it was retrieved from the river. They took Johnny’s body and threw it in the river. They returned back to the man’s home and stripped some items of value out of the car, then drove it back to the river and pushed it in.”

Items in Johnny’s car

Billie was also told that the police found many of Johnny’s items were found at the house of the man that was with the woman that bartered her car.

The Gun

The woman, that bartered her car to Johnny was arrested for burglarizing homes in the past. The man, who was with her that day was arrested last year when he was pulled over for having a gun in his car. Billie saw a post of the man and a photograph of the gun that was shared on social media by the police and she recognized it as the gun belonging to Johnny. She learned that The police did investigate the gun to find out who it belonged to and Billie said the man’s mother swore it belonged to her, and the matter was dropped. Although the man was a felon and in possession of a gun, he was released from jail two days later, and there is no record of any charges, at this time.

My question is how does a felon walk out of jail a free man and no charges, after he was found with a gun in his possession, regardless of whose gun it was. While researching I learned that under Texas Penal Code §§ 12.33, 46.04, the unlawful possession of a firearm is a third degree felony with a punishment range of two to ten years for a defendant with one prior felony conviction and fine up to $10,000. But, further research shows that if the firearm is not under the “exclusive possession and control” of the place where the firearm is found, e.g., a friend’s residence or vehicle, which in this case, [the gun] was found in the vehicle that the man was driving, the State must then provide, as the courts have held, “evidence of circumstances, in addition to mere presence, that would adequately justify the conclusion that the defendant knowingly possessed the firearm.” This burden of proof can be satisfied with either direct or circumstantial evidence so long as the State connects the defendant to the firearm. Was this the reason that no charges were filed against the man?

Shannon Foster, Clint’s sister wonders the same thing. She stated that the man has received charges before and never gets any jail time. The last incident with the gun was not only noticed by Shannon, but also noticed by social media, when the sheriff posted the man’s arrest. They pointed out that he was already out of jail after two days. Shannon knows that a law enforcement official and the man’s father knew each other, and wonders if there is a connection there. She states she heard stories of their past criminal activities, back in the 80s, that only locals are aware of. She believes that this relationship between that official and the the man’s father is the reason why the man keeps racking up charges but never serves any time.

The Duffel Bag

Billie also found out that the woman that bartered her car to Johnny asked for help to clear her stuff out of a motel room before the motel manager confiscated it, and the person who volunteered to help, believed he recognized the jewelry, among the stuff that was being moved. He was able to obtain the jewelry and showed it to the family and they confirmed that it did belong to Johnny.

Where are the Remains?

The two sets of remains found last year went to Jefferson County to be identified. Billie called The University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI) to claim Johnny. Remember she was told that it was Johnny’s remains, but UNT said that nothing had been positively identified so she would not be able to do that. UNT stated that a report and the remains would be sent back to the department that sent it to them, and that department would notify them if the one of the set of remains turned out to belong to Johnny. Billie is worried that it will be years before this ever happens or that the paperwork will be lost on the way back to the department and she will never get the official word that the remains belonged to Johnny. (It took a year to find out that it was Johnny. Billie is still trying to get possession of his remains.)

Also, a minor detail, but worth mentioning, both Clint’s dog and Johnny’s dog were found running loose after they went missing.


In 2020, I connect Clint and Johnny’s family together and they talked. When they did they realized how many similarities there were with the disappearance of Clint and probable death of Johnny.  They also realized that Clint and Johnny were related. Although Clint and Johnny knew many of the same people, and lived in the same area, there is one name that continues to come up in both cases.  The family feels that with all the information they have obtained on their individual cases, that the police need to take another look at the cases and reinvestigate them.  They also, are seeking more collaborating information from the public that is willing to talk to them, and are open to any anonymous tips from those that do not want to be involved. 


Clint’s gun’s are missing and unaccounted for. Also, Clint always wore silver crosses around his neck. If you have seen this cross or found one, please contact them or you can contact me if you want to remain anonymous. And of course you can contact the police directly.

Billie is wondering where many of Johnny’s things are, that were stolen out of his home. If you know the whereabouts or became in the possession of Johnny’s keys, including a safe key, pistols, a knife collection or silver coins, let me know, if you want to remains anonymous, or you can report it directly to the police.

If you have any tips regarding this case, you can contact me anonymously.

Help Find Missing Clint Facebook page.

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