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Kenny Veach disappears after discovering strange “M” cave near Area 51

You can hear the excitement of Kenny Veach as he describes the cave and desert landscape that he loved so much. Shortly, after his latest YouTube video, Kenny goes missing.

Kenny Veach, 47, has been missing since Nov. 10, 2014 from the Mohave Desert in Nevada, near Nellis Air Force base, known for Area 51. Kenny told his family he was going hiking and would be back in two days, but he never returned.

A search team found Kenny’s phone on the edge of a mine shaft; “cameras lowered into the shaft found no body and no sign that the shaft had been disturbed any time recently,” according to RonanWills blog.

“We found his cell phone close to a very vertical old mine shaft and we can’t find another trail,” Red Rock Search & Rescue Commander Dave Cummings told News 3. “It doesn’t mean that he’s down the mine shaft, but we have tracked him as far as we can. We are having our other crews come in from the search areas.”

Desert Mines and Mills. Over 100 years ago, miners blasted and bored their way through sand and rock for the riches of, uranium, silver, talc, and borax in the Mohave Desert. The mines were left behind when they ran dry for future generations to find. Officials put the number at about 1/3 of all hazardous mines are within the national park system. Because of the costs or sealing or shoring up the mines are estimated to be $233 million, not much has been done about them. A few are fashioned with bat nets, to keep people out, but let the bats in., but mostly have been left as they when the miners walked away.

In spite of the search by volunteers, Kenneth was never found.

Kenneth leaves behind several YouTube videos under the channel name of snakebitmgee, where he talks about his adventures and in particular a mystery cave that has an opening in the shape of a “M.”

According to Veach, his body began to vibrate and he felt full of fear and dread, when he approached the cave . It bothered him so much that he backed away. Where that cave was in not known, because Veach regularity hiked with no map, GPS or compass. He did state he was going to come back to that cave along with a gun and camera and he made two attempts before he went missing. Did he find it on his last attempt and that is why he went missing?

Many years back when I was a child, my family went to Death Valley, in the northern Mohave Desert. We drove and we drove along Badwater Road, which was a dirt road most the way, and saw one car as we went from one end of it to the other, eventually stopping outside a bar on our way out. I remembered that other than a few landmark places, everything looked the same and seeing that old watering hole near the end of out trip, was pretty exciting. I believe the whole route took about 3 hours to drive.

Now things are not as remote. Where there was once a dirt road, has now been paved and it’s about an hour drive from one gas station to another. You have to set out away from the roads in order to get into an area where people don’t go as often.

What we don’t know is if Kenny got lost. As I mentioned before he carried limited supplies and no maps, so he was relying entirely on his memory to get him back there. Even though he did have experience hiking in the area and was familiar with what types of wild berries and plants he could or could not eat, would he be able to find enough to sustain him if he did get lost? And with limited water that he carried, could he find enough liquid to keep him going?

But, what can’t be ignored is the finding of his phone. Why would he just leave it laying outside a cave? Did he drop it and didn’t notice he dropped it at first but got lost trying to find it later?

A Facebook page for Kenny, Where is Kenny L. Veach, has been posting updates about Kenny. The page brings up a more exact location of where Kenny was last at. According to him, he was near the Nelis Air Force base area and the Sheep Range Mountain.

According to the admin, there was a YouTuber named Sean that was trying to locate Kenny and retrace his steps and became ill, while doing it.

“What was it? What could this be? A toxic chemical that the Air Force dumped and Kenny found it? Yea, we know all about the dumping in the desert at area 51 that is why you cannot go onto base? Its the toxic chemicals and other poisions that are out there. If anyone went to the Area 51 Event last year I have heard several people came home sick. It was not the food they brought there own. There is something in that area and near Nellis Air Force base its in the soil ground water if any.”

I watched Sean’s video and he stated there was a cover up and posted a video in 2019. He points out an area where rocks look like they were pieced together and even some type of grout added so the rocks could be built top to block an opening of a cave. He feels that several rocks were actually dropped and placed over the opening.

He also videos himself, walking away from the area and becoming ill. He goes into detail about it on the video. Click on this link so that you can watch it.

I did a google search on the base and that location brings up this information about the base pushing a 2018 bill that would give it an additional 260,000 acres to the Air Force’s test and training range.  Read more here. Currently, the refuge is co-managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Air Force under an agreement that currently allows the Air Force access to 51 percent of the area, or 846,000 acres.  According to the New York Times, “The Air Force, which invites allies like Singapore, Australia and European countries to train in the desert, says it needs the additional 300,000 acres to test the tools of modern warfare.” So, what this means is the area will likely be used for bombing. Many locals are opposing this bill and are concerned about the Big Horn sheep and other animals that live in the area, let alone how it will disrupt their lives as natives of the area.

So, did Kenny stumble across a cave that lead him to Area 51 or an area he should not have been? Did he become ill and could not make it back? Did he see something he should not have seen, or ventured into a classified area?

What seems odd is if Kenny was not going into the caves, why would it be assumed he went into one and got lost or went down a mine-shaft. Surely, if the search party had thought he went down into the cave that his phone was found at, they would have gone down there looking for him, but they were sure he did not go down it.

So, if he is not in a cave, then did he die from dehydration, or did he find the cave again and it made him ill, and he was too incompacitated to carry on, and he died of exposure and his body mysteriously dissipated into the desert landscape?

Kenny’s girlfriend, Sheryon did not think there is any mystery to Kenny’s disappearance. “I want you to know that I do not think Kenny had an accident. I believe he committed suicide. He battled depression for many years and would not take medication or see a doctor. He quit his job a little more than a year before he disappeared.”

Kenny’s car was found where Sheryon stated it would be found, with nothing inside to lead to any further speculations of Kenny’s whereabouts.

So, if Kenny committed suicide, why did he leave his phone at the opening of a cave? Why has no remains been found?

And if he was plotting suicide why did he make several auditions tapes showing his inventions for the tv show Shark Tank, if he never intended to live long enough to appear on Shark Tank.

What do you think? Post your theory in the comments.

Here is a YouTube video on the area where Kenny was.

If you have any info on Kenny Veach, please contact Det. Dan Holley, Las Vegas Metro Police at 702-828-5705.

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