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Kimberly Mattingly missing from Illinois FOUND

UPDATE: KIMBERLY Mattingly was found deceased. An initial examination showed Mattingly suffered several gunshot wounds in the head, hip and wrist. An autopsy was scheduled on May 1. Two men have been arrested for her murder.

Kimberly Mattingly, 29, is missing from Illinois. According to her mom, Kimberly was last talked to on Sunday, April 5, 2020, and she was last known to be in Toledo, Illinois at the house of Chris Glass. Kimberly’s mom posted,”The last person that i know she was with was Chris Glass.”

Kimberly’s mom did not hear from her on Monday so she contacted Chris, who told her that he saw Kimberly get into a blue Cobalt to go home.

A family friend that asked for help with this case stated:

“He is saying someone picked her up at his house Monday morning in a blue car going back to Paris. She hasnt made it to paris so the thing is where is she. Somebody knows something. I just want and need my daughter home where she belongs. So please help me.”

Her mom contacted the police Wednesday. They went to Chris Glass’ house and he fled as he is on parole. The police can’t locate Glass nor Kimberly.

One of Kimbery’s friends posted, “My friend is Missing. She was last seen in Toledo IL supposed to be headed back to Paris but she still has not turned up. It’s not like her to not show up unexpectedly at my door to visit.. So If anyone has seen Kim Mattingly or talked to her please contact me so I can let her mother know she is okay or contact any police no matter where it may be you seen or knew she was… This is so scary bcus so many different things could of happened to her, the world is rough and people are messed up.. We just hope she is okay and hope she or someone who knows something will reach out.. PLEASE SHE HAS KIDS AND FAMILY THAT NEED HER!!!”

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office employee said her phone was last pinged in Effingham, but friends of Kim’s are telling me that her phone was broken, and she didn’t have one (See post after second paragraph.)

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Kimberly, please call the Police at

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
(217) 774 – 3941

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