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Vanessa Guillen FOUND: Is a church responsible for the disappearance of soldiers from Ft. Hood?

Please note this story has been posted with updates above the original story.

Update; Story regarding another case.

UPDATE 7/1/20 – A press conference with the family and attorney for the family, Natalie Kawham was held in Washington DC this morning. Just yesterday, a body was found in Little River Academy, but there has been identification disclosed. The family at the conference this morning stated they believe the remains found belong to her and that her killer committed suicide Tuesday night.

In most of these cases you will hear the word likely, or possible, but nothing ever finite from authorities until a medical examiner identifies them, but in this case there has been nothing from the authorities.

It has been a confusing 10 days with the remains which were first thought to belong to Vanessa turned out to be Gregory Morales. Then a few days later more remains found close to where the original remains were found and many thought it was another person. The media reported it was either animal or human, but Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch stated he thought they belong to Morales (see below). Then before we had a chance to catch our breath, more remains were found, but about 30 miles away.

Killen police said late Wednesday morning, after the press conference by the family,  that the man who killed himself was a person of interest in the Guillen case. His name is being withheld by authorities. As I listened to the press conference I was surprised to hear Vanessa’s sister state that the person she was holding responsible had committed suicide. Kawham also stated there was a BOLO for Aaron David Robinson (see photo) and he had committed suicide yesterday. (see video)

Aaron David Robinson

Robinson committed suicide hours after remains were found in Little River Academy. (police video)

Tim Miller, of Texas Equusearch, said his team found evidence from Guillen in an earlier search in the same area.

According to CrimeOnline, the remains were sealed in concrete.
“The suspected killers, according to Miller, poured freshly-mixed concrete directly onto Guillen’s body to make a homemade body vault. They also allegedly bought lime, shovels, and plastic bags, then covered the body with rocks.”

Miller also said that someone inside Fort Hood was later spotted by a witness carrying a black 3-foot Pelican case at the armory, where Guillen worked.

“He was seen really struggling to get it into his vehicle,” Miller said.

Sample of a Pelican Case

Miller also stated he saw tree limbs scorched above a fire pit the suspects used to burn evidence along with that aforementioned Pelican case. Miller said he believes they tried to burn Guillen and the evidence right there.

UPDATE 6/30/20: Remains have been found in Little River Academy, near the Leon River. The phone of Vanessa Guillen pinged in Belton. There is some confusion, as some remains were found on Florence Rd. in Killeen, Texas last week, which turned out to be missing Ft. Hood soldier Gregory Morales. Then a few days later more remains were found near the same location. What I have found out is that the second remains found on Florence Rd. were likely more of Morales’ remains. Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch stated, “volunteers likely found ‘parts of his remains that were carried by animals.’” Now today, June 30, 2020, another set of remains were found in Little River Academy. See map below. So far, they have hot been stated as belonging to Vanessa Guillen.

Map shows Ft. Hood, Florence Rd, where Morales’ remains were found and Little River Academy where remains were found.

UPDATE: Vanessa’s mom has an attorney and also stated that Vanessa told her she had been sexual harassed. I talk about it in this video: But, before you watch it, please note that the human remains found on Thursday were identified as Gregory Morales, the young soldier that was missing from Ft. Hood. I mentioned that his car was registered in eastern Texas last month. I am wondering, because of the speed of finding his remains and identification after months of nothing, I am wondering if they found the person that registered the car and it led them to the person that killed him. There has been no cause of death at this point, so that is an assumption on my part. Let me know what you think about all this:

Private First Class Vanessa Guillén, 20, was last seen about 1 p.m. on April 22 in the parking lot of Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, in Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas, according to ABX 13.

Guillén’s car keys, barracks room key, identification card and wallet were later found in the armory room the Army said in a news release. which is offering up to $15,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that Mayra Guillén said she communicated with her sister by text message the night before her disappearance without noticing anything suspicious. The soldier told her she was planning to buy a new car. The soldier’s current vehicle was still at the base when she vanished, according to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.

As the weeks drag by, no more new information has come out about Vanessa’s disappearance. There are some theories and a lot of speculation on what may have happened to her. One in particular is spreading through social media. It is a particular church that has everyone talking. The name of the church is the Assembly of Prayers aka the House of Prayers and from what many are stating, they have a continuous, ominous presence at Ft. Hood. There is account after account about church members approaching soldiers on base to recruit them in an aggressive manner, which has worried many, so much that they are referring to the church as cult-like.

I did some research on the Assembly of Prayers Christian Church and found that their pastor’s name is Rev. Rony Denis. Rev. Davis also was a pastor to a church in San Diego, California and Hinesville, Georgia.

A lot of information and letters from citizens condoning the church and Rev. Denis can be found here, through the website called They are primary the loudest adversary of the Assembly of Prayers. HOPCC.COM states it’s mission on their website that reads:

“It is our mission to inform the public as to the many types of abuses that have been taking place at House of Prayer Christian Church located in Hinesville GA 31313. They also have sister churches located around the country, and sometimes go by the name of “Assembly of Prayer”. If you are concerned that a loved one may be mixed up in one of these groups, please contact us, and we will do what we can to have you informed. House of Prayer Christian Church located in Hinesville GA, and other states, is a Cult.”

There is also a news report done by Fox 28 regarding a member of the church in Hinesville who also worked at DFCS, that was using her position at DFCS to look up information about a case involving a child abuse claim at the House of Prayer in Hinesville. She was found to have violated privacy laws. Video below.

There is also a Facebook called the Fallen Ft. Hood that has many testimonials about the House of Prayers. Many are telling stories about how the church members are approaching soldiers on base.

“I’ve been approached by three different individuals at the main exchange twice for the same church. The individuals handed me a business card w the address and a photo of a really nice church on the card. They told me they had a nursery and classes for the kids too. I googled it and the church looks nothing like what’s on the card. I gave them my number to be nice and told them I’d give it a thought but I was uncertain. They kept calling, everyday and all the time. Eventually it stopped.” 

Another poster stated: “I had someone from a church show up at my husband’s barracks one morning and chat me up wanting me to go gave me a card very insistent even after I said I went to the chapel when I was visiting him.”

WHAT is concerning is how is the church members are getting on the base. It is necessary to have a military or government ID to come onto the base. A sticker is needed to drive your car onto the base. So, how are these church members getting in? Is someone letting them drive through? Is another soldier bringing them onto the base and from there they walk around the base soliciting? And, why are they not being escorted off the base? Especially, in this day and age, when security is of the upmost importance, a group of non military personnel seen wandering a base should immediately be reported.

There are many more testimonies of the church members approaching soldiers at the HEB and gas stations. From encounters posted online, it appears the standard of operation by the church members is to approach a person asking what church they go to and to get the persons phone number, and afterward to constantly call the person to get them to come to the Assembly of Prayer church.

I did research to find out how many people are actually missing from Ft. Hood and came up with two names besides Vanessa’s. Pvt. Gregory Wedel-Morales, 24, who went missing Aug. 20, 2019, (found 6/21/20) and Marie Theresa Cherry, 25, who went missing on Oct. 9, 1992.

Is it possible that Assembly of Prayer is responsible for missing Vanessa Guillen or Gregory Morales or Marie Cherry? We know it’s not possible for Cherry as she went missing 25 years ago, but for Guillen or Morales there is a possibility, but I believe it’s only slight. Sure, either one of them could have been coerced to the church and could have decided to remain there, but as active as this church is in recruiting, you would think there would be many more people missing by now, or many more that have tried to escape.

Regardless, there are far too many complaints about the Assembly of Prayer doing underhanded real estate and financial scamming of their own church members that is being vocalized on the internet that warrants anyone to investigate thoroughly before joining or at least avoid it altogether. There are many other churches that do not have this notoriety.

post about the HOP church

Vanessa Guillén was last seen wearing a black shirt, light purple leggings and black shoes. She is 5’3” tall with light brown eyes and long dark hair.

FOUND 6/21/20 – Gregory Wedel-Morales, 23, is missing from Fort Hood, Texas since August 19, 2019. He was last seen driving his black 2018 Kia Rio with temp tags. Just in the last few days, new information has come out that the car was inspected in Dallas/Fort Worth area in December with new mileage or approximately 400 miles.

Anyone with information should contact Army CID Special Agents at 254-495-7767 or the Military Police Desk at (254) 287-4001.

House of Prayers, Den of Thieves

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