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Missing Amish teen and the Craigslist ad FOUND

April 21, 2020 – Police have stated that human remains have been found. No official identification at this time, but it is likely Linda Stoltzfoos.

To learn more about this story go here and also to learn about the trial go here.

Breaking News: UPDATE 7/11/20 – A man has been arrested to the kidnapping of missing Amish girl, Linda Stoltzfoos. Justo Roberto Smoker, 34, was arrested at his job and charged with the abduction of Linda Stoltzfoos. You can also read more about this by clicking here and here

Justo Smoker (FBI)

It is not known yet if he also is responsible for the Craigslist ad. I will be doing research and posting a video on Smoker soon. See video below, to hear more about the arrest and see the video below that to learn more about the Craigslist ad.:

UPDATE 6/26/20: I found a Craigslist Ad that I thought the authorities should look at. See video to learn more. And scroll down to read about it.

Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, is missing from Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania. She was last seen on Sunday, June 21, 2020 heading to her home on Beechdale Road. The family thought that Linda had left the church and gone to be with friends, even though she did not take the brownies she had made for the youth meeting. They realized she was missing when they didn’t hear from her around 10 that night, according to media. Linda was last seem walking on Stumptown road. I also heard that she was walking with others, and they broke off as each of the other went into their home. Linda was alone, when the last two friends, left to go into their house.

The authorities have been searching for her since Monday, and she is still missing. The authorities have stated that she is endangered missing, but other than that have not released any information on this case. Usually, by now, the police should have a presser to disclose any additional details, or to ask for help from the public.

Social media also becomes very involved in cases like this, but other than prayers being shared and some thoughts she left on her own, there has been not much speculation.

The police chief, Lt. Hess did express that he did not believe that Linda left on her own, as she was shy, according to her father, and she had no other clothing or belongings with her.

Lieutenant Hess told Dateline that police believe that Linda could be at risk for harm or injury.

“There is no reason for us to believe that she wanted to just leave,” said Lt. Hess, who describes Linda as a kind and quiet girl. “She did not indicate to anyone that she wanted to leave or take a trip. From what we understand, just running off without telling anyone would be very out of character for Linda.”

Craigslist Ad

While I was searching for more information on this case, I came across a Craiglist’s post. I can’t tell you why I decided to look on Craigslist, but it came to me as a source to look at, on Tuesday afternoon. This is what I found:

Looking at a map, I found that Honeybrook was about 18 miles from Stumptown Rd. in Bird in Hand, depending on what route you took. Bird in Hand has a population of 350, with many being Amish or Mennonite. Bird in Hand is considered a market town with a constant flow of tourists, that outnumber the citizens.

I have no idea if this is related to Linda being missing, but I do find it unusual as well as the call for Amish or Mennonite woman, as Linda’s community is a community of Amish and Mennonite.

There is nothing that I have seen that shows she was contacted by anyone, but if I was to speculate I believe that Linda may have been approached by someone in a vehicle that pulled over. Although her father stated she was shy, could it have been someone she was introduced to, that offered her a ride or stated they needed help, which caused her to get into the car?

As soon as I hear more information on this case, I will let you know. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Linda, no matter where you are, as she may be out of the l

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