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Angela and Alexis Jolley: Mother and daughter missing from Florida FOUND

UPDATE: More information has come out regarding this story:

“Alexis Jolley told the Sarpy County sheriff that her mother had a vision from God that they needed to spread the gospel. She said the two prayed together and Alexis Jolley had a vision that they needed to go to Nebraska. 

Once in Nebraska, the women spent two nights in their car outside Walmart locations in Lincoln and Gretna. On July 29, the two were cleaning up at the Quik Trip when Angela Jolley suffered her medical episode,” reports KETV.

Then on July 29, around 6:30 a.m., Angela had a medical episode. The Gretna Fire Dept. was dispatched and found Angela at the Quik Trip on Sapp Brothers Drive. Angela was conscious and taken to the hospital where she passed.

UPDATE: FOUND please see video below:

UPDATE: The police has video of Angela and Alexis traveling cross country. See the video to learn more.

Original Story: A mother, Angela Jolie and daughter, Alexis Jolley from 38th Street in St. Petersburg are missing. They were last seen in St. Peterson, Florida at their home around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Where Angela and Alexis were living with Alexis’ grandfather

What makes this case even more unusual is they were both planning a trip to Maine by airplane this upcoming Tuesday, July 28. It was found that Angela Smith Jolley, 46, never made it to work at the VA on Thursday, which is unlike her. Alexis Jolley, 19, had the day off from work.

See video

Both of their cell phones were found inside their home.

This post sheds some light on that situation, as evidently they had three phones and one was pinging at the park near by (one of the reasons for the search at the park):

The women’s dogs, a white Bichon Frise and another small white dog, are also missing.

Alex, a Bishon and Onyu, an American Eskimo, Female

Angela Jolley’s step father, Hank Ross heard Angela and Alexis Jolley in the home Thursday morning, but he did not see them leave, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

Stacy Tash, Angela’s first-cousin said that she talked for hours on the phone Tuesday night, making plans for Angela and Alexis’ visit to her house the following Tuesday, reports

A family friend said he was to watch one of the dogs during Angela and Alexis’ trip to Maine. Alexis’ friend who saw her at work on Tuesday stated she was to meet up with her later that week for coffee.

Friends and family searched at a Starbucks that the mother and daughter were known to frequent near the Bay Pines hospital, the parking lot at the Tyrone Square Mall and near the St. Pete Pier, but nothing was found.

The house is across the street from a bank, but unfortunately the bank cameras were facing another way, so nothing was caught on camera showing them leaving the house.

A neighbor posted on social media regarding the search at the house by the police:

The women could be in a dark blue 2018 Toyota Camry that is missing. There is a small dent on back drivers side panel above wheel. The car has a round decal I the rear window for parking at the Bay Pines veterans hospital and a Wonder Woman sticker.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to call the St. Petersburg Police Department at (727) 893-7780, or text the information and keyword “SPPD” to 847-411 (Tip-411.)

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