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Matthew Lang missing after accident FOUND

UPDATE. 11/23/20 – A Jackson County sheriff’s deputy has found the body of Matthew Lang on Tuesday in the Rogue river several hundred yards from the scene of the wreck that happened on Oct. 27, along state Highway 62.

Original Story: Matthew Lang, 33, is missing from Bend, Oregon. Matthew was last seen on October 26, by his roommate in Bend. Matthew is assumed to have been driving his Ford Explorer when it overturned and crashed between Lost Creek Lake and the town of Prospect.

On October 27, Troopers responded to the scene of a crash on Highway 62 near Lost Creek Lake (near milepost 37 on Oregon 62), after receiving a phone call from a neighbor. They found Matthew’s Ford Explorer upside down with no one inside.

I talked with a few people close to this case and found out that there is no absolute that Matthew was driving the SUV. The primary reason there is doubt is because of the search dogs. They never picked up a scent from Matthew. It is known that someone was in the car and kicked out the driver’s side window to get out of the car that was laying upside down at the time. According to the Facebook page Help Us Find Matthew Lang, his cell phone was found in the car, and his wallet was found near by, and it had no ID or cash in it. Blood was found in the Truck. Authorities have already stated they will not be checking the blood for DNA, to confirm it was Matthew who crashed in the truck, nor check his cell phone. It would seem that this would be a necessity, but with how long it takes to get DNA results back, this may have something to do with their reasoning, although they could run the blood type and at least find out if that matches Matthew, but that would only work if anyone in the family positively knew what his blood type is.

But, I don’t understand why the authorities are not getting the tolls on the phone as it would let them know when he was last talking on the phone and to who which might lead to more information pertaining to his disappearance. It is an easy request to the cell phone carrier, so I don’t know why the police are not just doing that.

Photos sent to family taken by Detectives

On Wednesday, the Help Find Matthew Lang page stated that new detectives have been assigned the case and they have received new leads. The detectives are not sharing any information, but I am wondering if they are not suspecting foul play in this case.

“Thankfully there are new detectives on the case! They are going to be following up with some leads that they have gotten. They will unfortunately not be hacking the phone or running the DNA at this time. The family is planning on doing this themselves. Thank you SO much for all of the thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!We are praying that these new detectives will find information that will lead us to Matt! Will update again as soon as we hear anything.”

Diane Lang, Matthews mother that lives in California posted: “Today is day six that my son Matthew Lang has been missing. He’s NOT hiding!!! He would NEVER put me through all this!!!! Please continue to PRAY!!! He has to ALIVE!!! His story can’t end like this!!!! His brother Christian Lang, his step dad, uncle, friends from So. Ca as well as a couple of co worker friends are there and joining in with the search and rescue.”

Ironically, back in October 2018, Diane shared a post about Matthew Jonathan Weaver Jr., 21, who was last seen on Friday, August 10, 2018 in the 2600 block of Stearns Street in Simi Valley, California. This is another person that went missing and the car was found abandoned. Matthew was last seen on video surveillance at approximately 7:15am on August 10, 2018 driving on the Topanga Tower Motorway headed toward Rosas Overlook. ​Matthew’s vehicle was located the following day on a dirt road near the Topanga Tower Motorway, abandoned and hanging off the edge. He is still missing.

What is interesting is that there have been several men who have disappeared from this area in Oregon. You can see the map below that shows where they were when they had the accident.

Jonathan Moore, 35, crashed his 2001 Dodge pickup truck on Row River Road, and at least one gunshot had been fired at the vehicle. Deputies found the car empty and Moore’s phone was found nearby. He is still missing.

Jonathan Moore

What is eerie, is the media states “search dogs have not found a scent of him,” which is the same thing they said about Lang’s case.

Kyle Peterson, 29, of Gresham crashed his Jeep into a guardrail and landed 50 feet off the road in Troutdale in February 2020. Multnomah County Sheriff officer yelled after Peterson, telling him to stop, when he was running away from his car, but Peterson didn’t respond and disappeared into the woods. SAR groups were not able to find him. In July, his body was found in the river, and he likely had fallen off the cliff into the river.

Kyle Peterson

Map of the Peterson, Moore and Lang crash sites:

Lang is 6-feet tall and 145 pounds with brown hair.

If you have seen or heard from Lang since the crash, you are asked to please contact the Oregon State Police Southern Command Center at 1-800-442-2068 or *OSP

Go Fund Me Campaign

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