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Whitney Lulloff missing after landing in Denver FOUND

UPDATE: Denver police announced Whitney Lulloff has been found and she is safe.

Police said Lulloff is with someone she knows (as I predicted) and is not in the Denver metro area. The circumstances do not indicate a concern for human trafficking, police added, according to KDVR.

The family of Whitney Lulloff released this statement:

“Our family is beyond relieved to be able to report that Whitney has been located and is safe. Throughout this ordeal we have been humbled by the volume of love, assistance, and support from countless sources, and cannot adequately express our gratitude. As our family continues in this healing process, we kindly request privacy for Whitney and everyone involved, and will not be conducting media interviews or issuing further statements. Again, our most sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts. “

I’d like to point out that there has been no mention from Whitney or anyone else of any abuse as social media was proclaiming. There also seems to be no mention of the Latter Day Saints that social media was proclaiming she was at. Whitney confessed that she had been planning to runaway for weeks.

UPDATE: I posted another YouTube video when a video of a person that says she is Whitney popped up on YouTube and posted by Plunder. You can see the video below. If you go to my channel on YouTube to watch it . You will also see the comments that have been left. Many disagree this is Whitney. Some believe that it is another Maddie Bell case, you can click on this blue link to read about that case. At first I was staying neutral, but in the end I stated I believe it was her. Today, I still believe it was her. (Update a few days later, the girl on the video was verified to be Whitney.)

Many are afraid there was abuse in the home and that is why she “ran away.” In the YouTube comments you will read those opinions. Some are rude, but hey, it’s the internet and many people forget their manners while posting on the internet.

Anyway, I believe Whitney is in someone’s house, and I stand by my comment that no one has the right to interfere in this family situation. The authorities need to be called in.

Here is a comment from Facebook someone posted on the Denver Police Dept. Facebook page:

The police have declined at least for the time being to state if the video is truly Whitney or not. But, most importantly they do not know where she is at. judging by the comment from them above. The shenanigans being pulled by the person that is harboring her needs to stop and they need to reveal where she is.

Original Post: Whitney Lulloff, 16, from Denver, Colorado is missing after getting off a plane in Denver, on January 4, 2021 around 12:30 p.m. Authorities state the Whitney had gone to visit her dad in Phoenix and got on the plane to head back home to Arizona, something she had done for 10 years. But, this time, she mysteriously disappeared from Denver International Airport.

She did get on the plane, according to authorities, although the surveillance videos are pointing towards the gate and not people boarding, so there is nothing showing she got on the plane, but authorities must have found another way to confirm that. What is unusual is she did not text her dad, like she always does when she landed in Denver and she did not meet up with her stepfather who was waiting for her at the airport. She did not text her father when she landed like she normally would.

Whitney’s dad, Kris Lulloff told KDVR, “She always texts me when she lands. She will say, ‘I landed. I’m here dad,’ and then I won’t hear from her for a few days [while] she gets caught up in Colorado. In this case, her flight landed in Denver, and we didn’t hear from her. No texts, nothing. Her stepdad was waiting. That was the first note I got. He reached out and asked if she had gotten on the plane because she didn’t come out, and she hasn’t been heard from since.”

The most unusual piece is that Karen Kopp, Whitney’s mom is saying there is no video showing her getting off the plane.

But, early this evening, she stated they did confirm Whitney did get off the plane. Update: A few days later it was stated she did get off the plane.

Her family is asking people that were on America Airlines flight 2511 from Phoenix to Denver with Whitney to reach out to them or the police.

Karen Kopp, Whitney’s mom said that Whitney’s phone was turned off.

Lulloff said Whitney is about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, athletic build, straight blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing black ripped jeans, black high tops and a light gray sweater.

Whitey Lulloff Facebook discussion page

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