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Samuel Reyes missing from San Antonio FOUND

UPDATE 4;26/;21 – The body of Samuel Reyes has been located. His body was found by surveyors on private land near Foster Road.

Original Post: Samuel Reyes was last seen in San Antonio, Texas near his grandmother’s house on Lake Crystal Street on December 11, 2020.  Samuel was to do his Army orientation a few days before he disappeared.

Lanay Cohen, Samuel’s mother, talked with me and you can watch the whole interview below:

Lanay Cohen told me they searched the area behind his grandmother’s house. “and we walked so much of that, talking to private property owners,” she said.

Lanay says she understands that Samuel walked out the front door and left it open, and now they have video that shows him at a neighborhood church. I asked if the search dog started at the door and she said she didn’t know about the dog search till after it happened, and they did not start at that point, nor did they get Samuel’s scent to search.

Also, the authorities and neighbors have been searching near the 200 block of Lake Crystal Street, including a wooded area and lakes but so far have found nothing.

Video was found showing Samuel going to the Town East Baptist Church and he was seen at the A to Z Rentals Pawn Shop. But, in the video at the church he is shown walking around the parking lot without his shoes on. But, it is possible he might have went back to his Grandma’s house and got his shoes, as they are missing, Lanay told me.

There was also a knock heard on Grandma’s door at 7:45. This is after he was seen at the church. Was it possible that Samuel returned back to Grandma’s house and got his shoes, which no one has been able to find? Was it possible that it was someone Samuel knew knocking on the door, and he left with them?. Could someone have picked up Samuel at the house?

Reyes is described as being 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds.

He has shoulder length, curly brown hair and a mustache and goatee. He also has a scar on his inner-left bicep.

Reyes was last seen wearing a dark blue, form-fitting shirt and blue jeans. He may have been wearing a faded gray Quicksilver cap and a faded gray backpack.

Facebook page for Samuel Reyes

If you have any information that can help investigators, call Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500 or San Antonio police at 210-207-7660.

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