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Missing Haley Phillips seen on TikTok video FOUND

Although the authorities have not been speaking much about this case. Haley has come forward with several more videos. She stated she was not Cassie and held up a debit card with her name on it. She has explained that the two black eyes were from when she was robbed by two women, She also has gone emotionally from one extreme to the other, by being disrespectful, angry, thankful, and cutting up. She also stated she spoke with FBI and everything was fine. Although, many on social media believe her to be a victim of trafficking, it appears she is not. Although we may have not all the answers in this case nor real conclusion if she was or is being trafficked, I am sure her parents and her nephew, Nathaniel Villatoro do. If you are interested in keeping up with this story you can go here. I will be putting the story in the Found section.

Original Story – A woman that is seen sitting in a car with her eyes darkened, which appears to be bruised has shown up on social media. DeShawn Walton Sr posted the video. Watch the video below to see the TikTok video

Nathaniel Villatoro, who is actually Haley’s nephew has seen the video and posted that he believes it is his cousin (he refers to her as his cousin), Haley Grace Phillips from California.

Nathaniel states he contacted Haley’s dad and he has confirmed it is Haley.

“To my knowledge I don’t believe anyone has filed missing persons case in my family, she travels a lot, she goes to Atlanta, Kansas but her home is in los Angeles, but the video we just saw right now and have been trying every way to contact her,” posted Nathaniel.

Hailey Phillips on the right

The person that originally posted the video on Facebook has since then deleted his account. The video was copies and then shared on Tik Tok and that is when it became viral. The name “DeShawn Walton Sr” seen on the video may or may not be the man in the car. Walton has since deleted his entire Instagram account.

At first it was believed that the young woman was Cassie Compton who went missing from Stuggart, Arkansas in 2014 when she was 15.

Cassie Compton on the left

Many are wondering if she has dyed her hair dark. The Stuggart Police Dept. released a statement:

“We appreciate all the tips and information about Cassie Compton. We have the video from Tiktok and have seen the Facebook posts. We are working diligently with the Arkansas State Police and FBI right now. Since this still an open investigation we can’t release any further information right now.”

I’ll be updated this post when I get more information.

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