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Texas man and son go missing in 1993, after murder

In media and social media posts regarding this case, you will find that Lee Wackerhagen is stated to have taken his son and fled after the murder of Latrica White. A Texas Ranger in 2016, stated he does not believe this is what happened and has stated that another individual likely murdered Latricia, Lee and Chance.

Lee and Chance Wackerhagen were last seen on Dec. 26, 1993.

Latrica came over to her parent’s house with Lee Wackerhagen and Lee’s 9-year-old son Chance. Chance was visiting his father, non-custodial father, Lee Herman Wackerhagen, Jr. in Lockhart, Texas. Lee was supposed to take Chance back to his biological mother in Kingsville, Texas the following day. Chance’s mother, Gaye Walshak, said the original plan was for Lee to bring the 9-year-old back to her home in Kingsville, Texas near Corpus Christi on Christmas Day, but he called and asked to spend another day with Chance.

“Chance called and asked to spend one more day and I told Chance that was ok,” said Gayle Walshak, Chance’s mother.

Lee had left his girlfriend, Latrica White at home in McMahan, Texas, when he went to pick up Chance, but had asked Latricia to go with him and she said no.

“He had said something to her when they were over here at Christmas, for her to ride with him, and she said ‘I’m not going,'” said Latricia’s mother.

The day after Christmas, Latricia’s father, Jack, found his daughter dead inside her home on the family’s property in McMahan.

Latricia’s house has since accidentally burned down because of faulty wiring.

“It was cleaned up, somebody had taken the time to clean something up before they left,” said Caldwell County Sheriff Dan Law.

An autopsy revealed White had been shot six times in the head with a .22-caliber weapon, and Lee and Chance were nowhere to be found.

Two days later, Lee’s truck was found abandoned off Manor Road near the Manor/Austin airport.

McMahon where Latrica lived. Lockhart where Chance and his mother lived and Manor/Austin airport where truck was found.

Also, found was Lee’s hunting rifle, which had not been fired, his checkbook and his wallet. In the back were a toolbox, a spare tire and Christmas gifts. Some of the gifts were unopened, and they were all streaked with blood. Initially in the investigation, authorities felt that this blood could have been White’s. That was later ruled out and all blood tests were inconclusive. Four months passed with no sign of Lee or Chance.

“That blood is not, does not belong to the victim, Latricia White,” said U.S. Marshal Hector Gomez. This is important information, as it was later determined that maybe they were assuming the wrong man had done this.

In 2016, information was released to media that a 10-minute call made from the mounted cell phone in Lee’s truck was made a full year earlier than first stated. It was the work of the same retired Texas Ranger that found out that the phone call was actually made n 1992 NOT 1993 shortly after Latricia was killed.

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The Texas Ranger also stated he believes that there was another person responsible for Latricia’s death and that likely Chance and Lee were also victim’s of foul play. He felt so strongly about it that he contacted Chance’s mother and she too agrees with the Ranger’s findings.

The Ex-husband has been brought up as a possible suspect but because there is no evidence this theory has not been further pursued.


At the time of his disappearance, Chance had blond hair and blue eyes, and a small dimple in his right cheek. His date of birth was Sept. 2, 1984, and he would be 37 years old today. His father was born on Sept. 19, 1953, and would be 67 now. He is between 6’0” and 6’4”, and has dark blond hair and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he wore a moustache and glasses. He is known to use the aliases “Dub” and “Doug,” and may be using the last name “Walker.” He is considered by the FBI to be armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about the Wackerhagens’ whereabouts is encouraged to contact the FBI at (202) 324-3000, or the Texas Department of Public Safety at (800) 346-3243.

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