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FOUND Tina Prince missing from Georgia

The authorities state a body has been found, and they believe it is her, but they will need confirmation from the Coroner.

Aaron Adams, 31, was charged with concealing the death of another person and 2 counts or false statements and writings.

Previous story: Tina Prince, 46, from Sandersville, Georgia and a first grade teacher at Ridge Road Primary School went missing on May 28, 2021.

Prince was eating with her daughter Friday night at Puebla’s Mexican Restaurant in downtown Sandersville. The family says she started getting texts during dinner, went outside to take a call, came back inside and told her daughter she was leaving and went to the Walmart about 2 milles away to meet a male friend. Surveillance footage shows that.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office states they have talked with the friend and he is cooperating.

“After reviewing the video footage, she and the friend met up, she left her car and got in the vehicle with him and they left. We’ve determined that there’s nothing suspect about that. Through surveillance, it appears that it was a consensual meeting.”

Prince’s car, a blue Kia Forte was found Sunday morning at the Walmart parking lot but was out of view of the cameras.

Tina is 5’1″, 140 pounds with green eye and burgundy hair. In the photo’s above you can see she was wearing a black tank top and camo pants with black flip flops.

If you have any information contact the Washington County Sheriffs Office at 478-552-0911.

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