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Summer Wells – Police looking for truck, is it the same truck seen on trail cam?

UPDATE 11-12-21- The TBI is also looking for a maroon Toyota pickup truck with a full bed ladder rack and white buckets in the truck bed. The TBI received a tip in June from a source who saw the vehicle in the Beech Creek community near Ben Hill Road in the vicinity of the Wells’ home in the late afternoon of June 14 or 15. 

Summer Wells has been missing from Rogersville, Tenn. since June 15, 2021. The police are looking for a witness that they don’t know who they are, but was seen driving a red or maroon 1998-2000 Toyota Tacoma with white buckets in the bed. They passed through Ben Hill Rd and Beech Creek Rd. either Monday, June 14 or Tuesday, June 15. The person is not a suspect but are asking the person that drove this vehicle to call the police as they might be a witness to what happened to Summer Wells.

“In the process of doing this, we received information that a Toyota pickup truck was seen in the area of Beech Creek Road and Ben Hill Road in the late afternoon to early evening on either Monday, June 14th, or Tuesday, June 15th.  The pickup is possibly a 1998-2000 maroon or red Toyota Tacoma, with a full bed ladder rack along with white buckets in the truck bed. We have been unable to identify the driver of this truck. Due to this, we are asking this driver to contact us at 1-800-TBI-FIND. We would like to speak with you to confirm this information and ask what you may have heard or seen at the time. If you are the driver of this truck, please contact us. We want to stress that this individual is not a suspect, but is a potential witness who may have heard or seen something that may help us in our search for Summer.” –TENNESSEE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION

No exact truck but similar

So far, no one has come forward. Either the person has not heard the police are looking for him, or they don’t realize they are the person that is being looked for. But, when I heard this information, I remember a piece of info I received about a red truck. I was told that a red truck was caught on a trail cam. A little girl and little boy were seen in the bed of a truck with a man driving the truck. The little girl had on pink and gray and they were in the back of the truck. The truck turned around, backed into the neighbor’s driveway near Big Elm Road in Church Hill, Tenn. (I just recently found that Tonie Hammonds, the alledged attempted kidnapper of a 12-year-old who was mowing his lawn, lived in Church Hill.). When the truck backed in to turn around the kids were sitting up in the bed. The man said something to them and the kids laid down in the truck bed. Then the truck took off. The color of the truck was red and the plate could not be made out. The authorities know about this information but they have not reached out to the public to keep an eye out for the truck. Does that mean that this truck was eliminated or is it the same Toyota Tacoma truck?

What was interesting about this is the kids were sitting “up” in the bed. The red truck the police are looking for stated there were white buckets in the bed. Could it be that the kids in the red truck were sitting on white buckets and that’s why they appeared to be sitting “up?”

The likelihood it is a stranger is slim, and it is more likely it is someone that knows the family, even if it is only in passing. To go further with that theory, then I believe the authorities need to widen their search and consider the landfill.

Distance between Summers home and where the red truck turned around.

I have not seen anything that shows that the landfill has been included in the search. I would think if they were searching a landfill that it would have been brought up by the media. My thought if someone did pick up Summer and later use a trash container to get rid of evidence, maybe that evidence is at the landfill. I do realize that because this is a rural area evidence could be left in the woods, but what if the person decided no to do that, especially if they knew the police were searching the woods. Would they use their own garbage can that is collected weekly or a commercial dumpster instead, knowing eventually it would be taken to a landfill?

I looked on the map to see where a landfill was and added Summer’s home and where the red truck was seen in Church Hill.

Ben Hill is Summer’s home. Hawkins is a garbage collection center, Republic Services in a Land Fill and Big Elm is where the red truck was seen on the trail cam.

I also believe that the statewide Amber Alert should be branched out to other nearby states, before anymore times has gone by.

AND, I also wanted to tell you about this post that was put up early this morning where the poster stated she saw Summer at the Sav A Lot in Tellico Plains Tennesee on Thursday night. Tellico Plains is about 2.5 hours from Rogersville. The post stated she called in the tip to TBI and many on the post were encouraging her to contact other agencies as well to make sure they get the info. The poster said the little girl aked for help and she appeared to be staving, but she did not state why she didn’t help the child. She said she didn’t realize it was Summer till she saw Summer’s photo. I have reached out to her and so far she has not responded back to me, but she did respond to others on her post the next day saying she hasn’t heard back from the authroities yet and the little girl told her her ear hurt and there appeared to be a pimple that was bleeding on the “tip top” of her ear.

Mom speaks out for first time

Summer Wells Missing

Summer Wells still missing

Day 10 Summer Wells

Day 8 and 9 Summer Wells

If this a case of mistaken identity? If it turns out to be viable I believe we will hear more.

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