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Continuous updates on the Summer Wells case

UPDATE The TBI is also looking for a maroon Toyota pickup truck with a full bed ladder rack and white buckets in the truck bed. The TBI received a tip in June from a source who saw the vehicle in the Beech Creek community near Ben Hill Road in the vicinity of the Wells’ home in the late afternoon of June 14 or 15. 

Since the disappearance of 5-year-old Summer Welles, I have written several stories. The list is here:

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From this day forward I will be adding all updates on to this page in reverse chronological order.

UPDATE: 11/1/21 – Don, Summer’s faather was arrested for drinking while driving. He said he made a stupid mistake because they needed cigarettes and got in a vehicle to go get some and was pulled over by the police.

Today, July 26, 2021 Don Wells came forward and stated that the brothers of Summer Wells has been removed from the home. Times News spoke to him and he wouldn’t discuss specifics about why the boys were removed except to say it’s not safe at his home at this time.

Don said, “I cannot say a word,” to a reporter that called him on the phone.

The reporter asked if something happened and Don said no.

Don said there was too much going on and people were crazy as hell and it was not safe at his house.

He cited there was people coming up to the house. “All sort of people, Juanita from one, who is some kind of psychic”. You can click here to listen to the whole interview.

The reporter pressed for more information, but where Don was usually candid, especially with this reporter, he is not that way anymore. What has changed?

If you remember back on June 21, it was reported that the DCS had shown up at the house per Don, :

He said that agents from the Department of Children’s Services have been helping the family cope with the stress and uncertainty, adding that Summer’s brothers are not doing well and have been fighting more at home.

“They’re kind of fighting more than usual,” said Wells. “They got into it first thing this morning, and the team come running up the hill, they heard screams, and so I’ve been trying to keep it down.”

Also, Texas Equusearch has asked that if the public sees them at a location to not relay it to social media.

Lastly, Candus Bly was seen at a parade over the weekend carrying a very large Missing Person Poster for Summer with the help of a church member.

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