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5-year-old missing from Idaho

Michael Joseph Vaughan, 5, was last seen on foot at about 6:30 p.m. on July 27, 2021 near his home on 911 Southwest Ninth Street in Fruitland, Idaho and S Arizona Ave. The police released a Facebook post stating that Michael was last seen heading eastbound on SW 9th Street at 6:45 p.m. There may have been a witness they found that saw him or maybe surveillance video captured him, but they are positive it was him heading that way.

This is a developing story and I will update as more information comes in.

According to the press release, local law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies, as well as “an extraordinarily large number of local residents,”searched the area by vehicle, foot and air by way of drones and a St. Luke’s helicopter. As you can see in the photo above there is a corn field near the house, and searchers are going row by row looking for him.

Tyler Vaughan posted the following on his Facebook page:

On The NCM&EC Facebook page someone asked if Michael was abducted and a poster stated the following:

Michael Joseph Vaughan is 43 inches tall, 50 pounds, has blue eyes and blond hair and answers to the nickname “Monkey.” There is an update on what he was wearing; a light blue Minecraft shirt size 4-6 in boys, BLACK spandex boxer briefs with lime green trim and a lime green mine craft character on the left leg (aka a creeper) with dark blue flip flops size 11!!!

The authorities posted that the parents have been fully cooperative with law enforcement:

At this time, much like the Summer Wells case they are treating it as though Michael wandered off. If this is the case I am wondering about the time line. I feel that Summer was likely missing an hour if not two before anyone realized she was gone altough the parents stated it was only around 15 minutes.

I think we may find that this is the situation with Michael. I wonder if he was actually missing a lot longer than what the parents are saying.

Also, we can never rule out an abduction. Children that are left unsupervised and out in the neighborhood alone, will draw the attention of predators.

We will update this story as new information comes in.

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