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Haley Wilson

Open message to Haley Wilson

 Message posted from Haley Wilson, Ray Wilson’s daughter. “This is from Haley – “There’s never a good excuse to hurt those you love, but I left Amarillo because of myself. I wasn’t making good decisions but I wasn’t stopping myself either. I left so my decisions wouldn’t hurt those I love. I’m sorry I hurt […]

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Haley Faith Wilson: Dad says daughter posted she is okay on Facebook

Update: The police pulled over Haley in Carlsbad, California (San Diego County) on Tuesday.   Her dad will be flying in to meet her there.  I had heard rumors that Haley Faith Wilson, 17, the daughter of Ray Wilson, who posted an infamous video asking for help to find her, was posting on Facebook.  I tried […]

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Haley Wilson: Dad posts touching video searching for daughter

Ray Wilson, from Armarillo, Texas, realized that his daughter, Haley, who is 17-years-old, had run away on December 26, wen he saw that her car was gone.  He also saw her guitar and bedding and a few small things were gone, too, along with a note that said, “It’s because you care, and there’s nothing […]

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