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How to keep your child safe walking to and from school

Summer is almost over for our kids.  The carefree days of jumping into the pool, wearing sandals and staying up late with the neighborhood kids is coming to a close. Now our attention will be on getting our kids ready for school; new lunch pails, new backpacks, new clothes.  But, that isn’t the only thing […]

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How to increase your chances of a loved one being found

Photos are not enough, we need videos of missing persons.  Here’s why… Superman Sneakers The Superman/Clark Kent Syndrome How to increase your chances your missing loved one will be found I was watching a TV show a little while back and they decided to do an experiment to see how well people pay attention to […]

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How to find someone in England

I got an email the other day from someone that was looking for a person that had moved from the US to England.  They wanted to know how can they go about tracking that person down.  This is the advise I gave him: I would try to a general look on Google. Starting with the […]

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