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Kidnapped Virginia Paris asks for help at Starbucks before bomb-making ex drags her away

UPDATE 9/5/17 – Per a MPofA Facebook reader, Virginia has been released and is safe in Las Vegas.  Virginia Paris, had called security at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino in Henderson and told them she had been kidnapped, according to News3LV.  Heizel is on the run. UPDATE:  They were last seen at the Grand […]

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Zacharey Wilks: Man goes missing on way from California to Las Vegas FOUND

UPDATE 2/27/20 – Remains found in the car, were identified as belonging to Zacharey Wilks.   Posted on Zacharey’s Facebook page from his mother: “To those that love and forever will miss Zacharey, day 1,006 brought us the news we never wanted to hear. We have had positive DNA result that concluded Zacharey died at the […]

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Child missing after mother found murdered in San Francisco

4-1-20 – The San Francisco Police Department is now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of suspects in the murder of Nicole Fitts and the disappearance of the child. Authorities are searching for a missing 2-year-old after her mother was found murdered in San Francisco John McLaren Park […]

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2-month-old baby missing from Hesperia FOUND

UPDATE: 4/3/16 –  Ashlynn has been located with a man who said that Tina asked him to take her fro a couple of days.  According to authorities the man believed he was doing the right thing and kept the baby at a friend’s house. Sunday morning, the man was contacted by a friend and was told […]

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