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Sandra Meyer

Sandra Meyer: Missing woman from Bend, Oregon FOUND

Sandra Meyer After missing for over a month, the body of missing Sandra Meyer of Bend Oregon, has finally been found.  If you remember back, Sandra, 72, had gone to meet her friends for a book club meeting and she never showed up.  Then a week later, her husband John shot himself and died. Sandra […]

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Sandra Meyer: Blood found in heat ducts in home, purse under house

It looks as though Sandra’s husband, John shot and killed his wife. Blood was found inside heat ducts in the home and forensics showed there was blood in the same area that had been cleaned up. Also, Sandra’s purse was found under the crawlspace of the home. What I thought was peculiar was that they […]

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Sandra Meyer: Update for missing Bend, Oregon woman

Dean March Update: Blood was found in heat ducts in the Meyer’s home.  Click here to read. Sandra Meyer, the missing 72-year-old woman from Bend, Oregon is still missing AND Dean Marsh who lives in the same area in La Pine, is still missing. If you are living in the area, consider volunteering to help […]

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Sandra Meyer: Surveillance video

This just out, Captain Porter said they have a lot of surveillance video to go through.  “We still have some video we have not been able to review and that’s based on the fact that some of the video that we get is on different formats. There are so many surveillance companies out there that […]

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Sandra Meyer: Husband of missing Oregon woman found dead in home

John and Sandra Meyer March 24th post on Dean Marsh and Sandra Meyer I must admit that this is shocking news. I didn’t see this one coming. The husband of missing Sandra Meyer was found dead of a gunshot wound in his home. The police won’t say when, what, who, why, etc., nothing at this […]

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Sandra Meyer: Missing woman from Bend, Oregon

Sandra Meyer March 23 post Shocking news!  Sandra’s husband has been found dead.  As soon as I get the info I will post it. Okay here it is, click here. They have found Sandra Meyer’s car at the Old Mill shopping center and they are still looking for her.  If you are in the area, […]

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