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Sean Sidi

Missing Frisco Men: There are more young missing men from San Francisco than just 5

The 5 missing San Francisco men need to be changed to the missing 16  (two men have been found deceased and recovered from the water).  Just last week another young man came up missing in San Francisco, in addition to Paulo Netto at the end of October. Many of you have heard of several missing […]

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Another man missing from the same San Francisco area as 4 others

Please note that it has been brought to my attention that San Francisco is not that large and putting down the distance of where these young men went missing really doesn’t matter because the city is not that big.   Per the comment posted below:  “…due to the fact that SF is a very small city […]

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Event for three missing men in San Francisco

If you are in the San Francisco area, consider going to this event for missing Crishtian Hughes, Jackson Miller and Sean Sidi.  Read more on Facebook.  MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Sean Sidi missing from San Francisco

Sean Sidi went missing from San Francisco on Tuesday, May 21.  He went to visit a former high school teacher sat 150 Oak Street.  Video surveillance shows Sean visiting around 11:40 a.m.  Sean last spoke to his dad by cell phone at 1:34 p.m., where he told him that he was catching the bus to […]

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